SG-1 Season 11

Takes place in 2007-2008


  • 01 The World of Darkness Part 1 April
  • 02 The World of Darkness Part 2 April
  • 03 Forgotten May
  • 04 The Pantheon May
  • 05 Hope May
  • 06 Downfall June
  • 07 Heaven June
  • 08 Pandora’s Will June
  • 09 Acquaintances
  • 10 In Search of an Ark 20 July 2007
  • 11 The Ark of Truth Part 1 24 July 2007
  • 12 The Ark of Truth Part 2 25 July 2007
  • 13 Aftermath August
  • 14 Illac Renin’s Revenge August
  • 15 Carter’s Goodbye August
  • 16 Vala’s Odd Behaviour October
  • 17 Agreement November
  • 18 It’s Christmas Time December
  • 19 Winter Solstice January
  • 20 Ba’al’s Party Part 1 February

Episodes Plot and Summary

01 The World of Darkness Part 1

SG-1 gates to a planet which was advertised as a relaxing beach resort with long strands and a huge very advanced looking spa like building overlooking a cliff, however when they step through the gate they find themselves in a world of darkness even worse the Stargate and DHD seems to have disappeared. All they hear is the ocean and all the feel is the dirt road, when Teal’c tries to use his flashlight but it sputters and goes out. Suddenly a blue wave hits them and they fall unconscious. Each then wakes up in their own fake reality.

Samantha Carter wakes up in front of the gate and finds the rest of her team gone, she dials the gate and goes back home and comes back with SG-3, SG-15 and SG-21 they start searching the planet which now seems to be the recipient of disaster, she along with SG-3 walks into the ruins of the Spa in the basement they find a group of refugees who tell them of giant space ships opening fire on their tropical resort without giving any proper warning. They then tell her of a weapon that could have helped them if they had been allowed to use it. She brings them back to Stargate command to receive medical attention and goes looking with SG-3 for the weapon after they find it they learn it uses the planet’s core to power itself but that it severely damages the integrity of the planet and that if they remove the weapon it could destabilize the planet the same as if they would fire it. Eventually they decide to leave the weapon be and to keep looking for other survivors on the planet to relocate. We then see a bright light shining in her face as people look down on her on a strange bed.

Daniel wakes up in front of the gate and finds the rest of his team gone he goes searching for them before heading home. Back home he is not allowed to go back to the planet by general Landry, who says it is too dangerous and that they don’t know what might happen if they go back. No matter what Daniel says nothing can persuade the general to let him go back eventually Daniel uses a Sodan cloak to sneak into the gate room as SG-17 is departing and joins them on their mission where they get captured by the Ori and killed. Daniel however sticks around and manages to sabotage the Ori ship crashing it onto the same planet SG-1 disappeared from, destroying an entire town in the process. As the only survivor he is taken to a high council of aliens who sentence him to death for murdering an entire town, no matter what he says they won’t hear his arguments, eventually Daniel accepts his fate thinking that at least he did a lot of worthwhile things with his life and dealt the Ori a final blow. We then see a bright light shining in his face as people look down on him on a strange bed.

Vala wakes up in front of the gate and finds the rest of her team gone, she starts searching for them but is distracted by the shine of a box of gold. She then wades into the sea and pulls a treasure chest out of it and with it returns to Stargate command telling general Landry they must go back to look for both SG-1 and more treasure which angers Landry who orders her to stay behind while he sends SG-12 and SG-20 back to the planet to look for the other team members. Angry Vala tries to leave the base but is arrested and thrown in a jail cell.

02 The World of Darkness Part 2

Vala is still in jail when Mr. Woolsey comes to interrogate her, blaming her for SG-1’s disappearance and stating that no trace of SG-1 remains on the planet and that all they found is some of their bullet riddled clothes. Eventually after more questioning Vala is transferred to a permanent cell in Area 51 where eventually she is used to test new technology on like Tau’ri designed stun pistols and shock rods. She eventually breaks and tells them what they want to hear saying she made a deal with the Lucian Alliance to exchange the lives of her fellow team members for a life of luxury, she then tells them a fake gate address where they can find the captured SG-1. SG-14 goes there and easily rescues SG-1 who then come to visit Vala in jail each uttering their disgust and disappointment at her with even Daniel saying he misjudged here and that he is ashamed to have ever believed in her. Eventually she gets so downtrotten that she attempts to kill herself at which point she wakes up in a strange bed with people looking down on her.

Teal’c wakes up in front of the gate alone and finds the rest of the team gone he goes looking for them before returning to the SGC where he leads SG-16, SG-18 and SG-24 in a search for the rest of his team he then sees a strange alien which he shoots in the leg as he approaches the alien it laughs and says his friends have been tortured to death. Teal’c kills the alien after which he sees the aliens kill and capture the other SG members. He is then forced to torture SG-18 or else SG-24 will die, he does so but eventually overpowers the guards and frees both of them they then try to escape but are all killed one by one he is then taken to a room full of skull and to his horror he sees the skulls of his team members right before the leader of the Aliens tries to remove his head he however dodges and uses an antler to kill the alien leader before his guards shoot him down. He then wakes up with a light shining in his face strapped to a strange bed with people looking down on him.

Mitchell wakes up in front of the gate alone and goes back to the SGC and leads a team of marines through the gate they immediately get captured by the Ori after killing the marine one of the priors tells him he is much more use to them as one of them and he turns him into a prior forcing him to convert world after world which he becomes happy to do. Eventually he is ordered to wipe out a city on the planet he and SG-1 visited before and he refuses bursting into flame and dying. He then wakes up with a light shining in his face and people looking down on him a women tells him not to worry and that everything he experienced was a lie.

He is then lead into a room where Vala, Carter and Daniel are recuperating they tell them that Teal’c is not cooperating with them and had to be sedated. They then explain to them they are the Dandurons and that they are very weary of strangers visiting their planets for several of them tried to take them over or play them out against one another and that every disaster they ever faced was directly the causes of external visitors. They needed to test them and find out their lives, personalities and actions they would take in very different scenarios. They then apologize and give them a liquid technology database with their history in it as a sign of good fate they then bring them to Teal’c who doesn’t believe they are really alive. They convince him they are really there and they leave in a ship to go back to the Spa Island and the Stargate and they are invited to come back someday to enjoy the Spa and start a formal relationship with them after the Ori are defeated. For the Ori war is not something they want to get involved in. Returning home both Vala and Teal’c are still very upset about their fake experiences.

03 Forgotten In a strange village on a strange planet a man walks up to Mitchell and ask them who he is, Mitchell stares at him and ask who am I. Carter answer I don’t know who am I. We then see stunned Teal’c and Daniel and Vala running away from a yellow energy wave, it catches them and the fall unconscious, Teal’c wakes up and looks around feels his forehead surprised and walks towards the village looking for clues. Then Vala wakes up and wakes Daniel she greets him and ask who she is and where they are, Daniel answers saying stop playing Vala we need to find out what’s going on. Banter ensues in which Daniel refuses to belief Vala has really lost her mind for, that would be a cliché. They eventually go back to the village where they see a crying Teal’c who is upset he doesn’t remember who he is and why everybody is afraid of him. They then go looking for Mitchell and Carter and find them in a town hall where they are discussing with the population what happened and how they could find out who they are. Daniel walks in and tell them that the five of them came here from another world to meet their people and that after they met a strange energy wave ran across the planet which made all of them forget who they are. The people get outraged not wanting to belief in other worlds or energy waves and asking him why he still knows who he is to which Daniel is stumped. They then go to a nearby village and find out the same has happened there they then call the SGC to tell general Landry what happened they send up their new reconnaissance probe which detects a huge ship in the sky. However getting up there seem impossible, luckily they can barrow a puddle jumper from Atlantis with it they make their way up to the ship where they find a strange man who immediately runs away from them luckily Teal’c stuns him. They wake him up and ask him to undo what he did, he tells them he would have done that anyway after transporting them to another planet for this is one of few planets rich in a very rare mineral called Sucovrium. Daniel convinces him to undo the mind wipe and to ask the Havartorians to mine the mineral for him in exchange of something. The man is surprised by it saying goods exchange what a quaint idea. He activates his ships and then hits the rest of a team with blue ray gun and now a blue energy wave starts going across the planet making people remember themselves again. He then thanks them and beams them aboard as he beams aboard several village leaders.

04 The Pantheon

It is an ordinary day at the SGC everybody is doing his own thing, Daniel is going over some artefacts, Vala is reading a shopping magazine, Carter is working with Bill on a naquadah generator, and Teal’c and Mitchell are sparring with each other, then the gate goes off and the SGC receives a message in Goa’uld it reads: “Dear Tau’ri we are the Pantheon, we have recently taken control of disputed territory once under the dominion of the Goa’uld Empire, we have chased out the impure criminals both the human Lucian Alliance and Goa’uld Obarg Cabal that had taken it over, enslaving and re-enslaving both the Human and Jaffa population that inhabited it. We have freed them from slavery, however they will not deal with us and the Free Jaffa Nation now stands possessed to attack us, we do not wish for further violence and bloodshed and we humbly ask for your intervenience to negotiate a non-aggression agreement between you, us, the free Jaffa nation and other forces in our universe, in order to be united against the ever increasing threat of the Ori . In exchange for your help with these negotiations we are willing to part with all our knowledge and information. To this end I would like to send three of my emissaries to your planet to discuss were negotiations can take place. These will be my wife Ananke, my right hand man Saturn and the noble Horakty, who will dial your planet in five hours – Signed Chronos Supreme Leader of the Pantheon.” Mitchell scratches his head and asks did is say Chronus didn’t you guys kill him with the help of those android dubbels of yours a couple of years ago. Vala chimes in asking duplicates, please tell me more. Daniel ignores them and reads over the message again and answers yes we killed Cronus, this message however came from Chronos. In Greek mythology Cronus was the leader of the titans, the god of the harvest and father of Zeus while Chronos was an ancient upper deity and the god of space and time. Landry looks at them and says never mind who they are, should we let them in, Teal’c do you know who they are. Teal’c answers he does not know off them. Daniel suggest they contact the Tok’ra which they do, they send Zanuf now in a new host Jattos. He explains he is an Tok’ra investigator who has long studied the composition of the Goa’uld Galactic Empire stating that the clear form of the empire was only known to those at the top and that they the Tok’ra have long tried to get a spy into one particular section of space which they assume is controlled by Chronos. He tells them he would really like to be part of the negotiations. They agree three hours later the gate activates and the three Goa’uld walk out accompanied by 20 loyal Jaffa, who immediately surrender their weapons. They introduce themselves as High Nobles of the Pantheon. In the conference room Ananke explains that their organization is as old as the Goa’uld empire and that they have always existed within it in secret and that unlike the Tok’ra they never openly stood against the Goa’uld empire even though they didn’t agree with their use of knowledge and power, she further states that after the second defeat of Anubis they revealed to their Jaffa that they are not gods and gave those who wanted their freedom, their freedom but that many remained loyal to them, for they tried to never mistreat either their Jaffa or their human subjects. She further explains that Chronos spend his entire life rising to the top of the Empire in order to influence and observe it from that position and that he was one of the four most powerful goa’uld under Ra. Zanuf is intrigued and asks to be allowed a seat which he is, they then prepare to leave to a neutral planet arranged by the Tok’ra. On this planet however an Ori ship just landed and SG-1 assumes they have been entrapped however when Ananke pulls out a literal cloak and tells them to come underneath it they see that they weren’t betrayed. After the Ori ship leaves they are beamed up unto a Ha’tak where they meet the age old Chronos who welcomes them and explains he had been tracking the Ori ship in question when he notice his wife use of the cloak and beamed them aboard. Before he can say more, three other vessels drop out of hyperspace and open fire, Teal’c takes control of the pel’tak and defeats two of them making the final one retreat. Chronos then thanks them for their time and sends them back to the planet with a crystal data module containing all their knowledge of the Goa’uld and two chests of gold and one with refined Naquadah as a sign of goodwill. The team in the end wonders what the true intentions of the Pantheon are and how many members they have and how many worlds they control.

05 Hope

A visitor comes to the SGC with SG-5 who tells SG-1 and Landry about a weapon that will nullify Ori ships completely, SG-1 and SG-5 leave with the visitor to a strange building on a strange planet were a strange orb like structure is housed, Carter enters the Orb and does not recognize the technology, meanwhile Daniel studies the language with Garnbarus (the visitor, who knew about the weapon from ancient Acarari lore) on the walls while Mitchell, Teal’c and SG-5 are exploring the planet while Vala is off wondering the ruins being bored she kicks a stone which hits a control tray she walks towards it and rearranges the crystals from big to small which activates the pillars of the ruins and the orb, which closes with Carter still inside of it and then shoots through the roof (without destroying it, technically it passes through it ) out into space. Daniel gets angry at Vala and radios Mitchell, Teal’c and SG-5 who come back. Daniel learns from the ruins that the orb is controlled by thought, which he hopes Carter will find out since she is now out of radio range. She does and the Orb comes to a halt and she learns that it was a prototype weapon called hope which was build by the Atanik in order to destroy Haaken ships whatever or whoever they may be, it works by passing through their shields and making its way to their power core and rematiralizng inside of it which both destroys the Haaken ship aswell as the orb and the kamikaze pilot who controls the orb. The orb obviously can only be used by neural link and a non-human orb would never be able to do the job because it cannot think for itself, the neuro part of the orb is essential to its functioning. Carter learns this and eventually manages to convince the orb which is a semi-AI that there are no haaken ships around and that there is nothing to fear it allows them to go back, she however can’t hide her disappointment that it requires human sacrifice and that it can only target Haaken ship so it would be useless against the ori. On the planet Daniel has trouble translating the language and finally recognizes it as a derivative of the Atanik he encountered once before and ask to contact the Tok’ra but they do not reply. Just as Daniel seems to give up the orb returns and Carter tells them what they learned. And they return home disappointed.

06 Downfall

While leaving the planet of Aicout, SG-1 finds themselves in an alternate reality SGC, they immediately get detained and questioned by Lieutenant General Steven Caldwell who has taken command of the SGC after beaming down there when his ship was destroyed in defense of the planet when the Ori attacked. Currently as it stands the SGC is one of the last remaining strongholds against the Ori after their Carter managed to create a ZPM powered forcefield over Cheyenne Mountain before fleeing to Chulak with Teal’c and Daniel. Our SG-1 soon learns that this earth is unable to use the Stargate because all power is deverted to maintaining the shield so there is no power to dial out of the SGC to the Delta Site which they have turned into the main colony for refugees, which they are currently gathering from nearby villages and towns, since they do have five tollan phase shifters which allows them to pass through the shield. Their plan is to gather as much people within Cheyenne Mountain and then create a diversion to distract the Ori’s assaults on the shield so they can dial the Delta Site one last time before being destroyed. The team informs about the status of Vala and Mitchell and learn that Vala is still a criminal on the run and that Mitchell has become a prior. They also learn that this earth never discovered Merlin’s Mantle and therefore never send the Sangraal to the Ori Galaxy. They give Caldwell the address to Merlin’s planet and they build several anti-prior devices. However all this information is useless since they still can’t dial out and reach Merlin also they don’t have their Daniel nearby to absorb Merlin’s mind. After helping Colonel Lorne in rescuing some villagers our Carter gets the idea to use nanites (courtesy of the knowledge given to them by the pantheon) to de-age Merlin so he can finish the weapon himself hoping he has a way to both send the weapon to the Ori as well as rescue earth and get them back to their own world. Which Caldwell points out is a lot of if’s, to which our SG-1 agrees but they convince him saying they are willing to take the risk and that technically speaking they are not under his authority. Lorne then agrees to be the destraction by flying their last 302 towards a prior stronghold which distracts the Ori long enough for Caldwell to dial the gate to Merlin’s planet. On Merlin’s planet they don’t find him instead they are trapped in an empty room, forced to go through another Stargate to another empty room every 3 hours. Then our Daniel starts calling out for Morgan Le Fay on the fourth planet, just when he gives up the Stargate activates and they find themselves in the room on fiery planet that this time does contain Merlin. They wake him up and inject him with nanites that de-age him, now a much younger Merlin stands for them perplexed, they explain the situation which he finds so far-fetched that he has no choice but to believe it and help them out, he quickly builds the Sangraal, which he states will definitely work and then he reveals a hidden hatch in the floor that leads to a puddle jumper. The board the puddle jumper and go through the gate to a special updated Stargate which can dial the Ori Galaxy once, which they do however Merlin ejects them from his jumper saying this is something he must do himself and he shows them a quantum pool which he tells will return them to their own reality if they take the plunge. He then leaves to go to the Ori Galaxy with the Sangraal leaving them to go home. In the Ori Galaxy we see how the Sangraal activates and disintegrates not just itself but the entire ship thereby killing this Merlin. Back on the modified Stargate planet they team jumps through the quantum pool and find themselves back on the same planet, they dial the SGC and return home. When home they suddenly have trouble remembering what happened to them after they left the alternate reality SGC making them wonder if any of it actually happened. Note: The pool erases once memory of alternative reality they came from.

07 Heaven

While exploring another bunch of ruins Mitchell is suddenly transported by a ray of light, eventually they get the Odyssey to do a fly by and scan the planet but find no life signs on the planet. Daniel researching the runes also comes up empty. Meanwhile Mitchell finds himself in a mysterious place which apparently is called Heaven. A sanctuary away from any trouble of the galaxy for multiple races, he sees humans, jaffa, serrakin, ohnes, sekhmet, volca, reol and oranians. He approaches a Ohne and ask him where he is, but it doesn’t understand him and ignores them. Then a Jaffa approaches asking him if he is correct in thinking he is one of the Tau’ri. Mitchell relieved says yes and introduces himself which the Jaffa does also naming himself Vrakon former second prime of the Goa’uld Evnith whom was killed by the replicators along with Yu and Oronthrontos. He explains that he got here the same way Mitchell got here he escaped from a Jaffa planet which was overrun by the Ori, then he set up his camp in some ancient runes on some other planet and on the first night there he was transported to this place. He was then lead by a fox to a white chamber where he was told he was safe and he can become a citizen of this heaven if he so desires or he can return to the planet he was on, he chose to stay. He then tells Mitchell he can lead him there, which he does, once there a voice speaks to him greeting him by rank and name. Saying that his leadership is needed here, for even here there is a possibility the Ori can penetrate, and they need a fighting force to defend the Heavens. Mitchell ask why him and if Vrakon can’t do it. They tell him he is most used to leadership. They then tell him to go to the central square to speak to the entire council directly. He does this and they argue with him saying that the Ori surprisingly has proven to be a bigger treat to them and they immeasurable superior technology then they originally thought and they need his experience to train their fighters, Mitchell makes a deal with them to train their fighters for two weeks as long as he is returned to his friends the still unseen aliens agree to those terms and training begins. He grows a very advanced army made up of many different races (basically all besides the oranians and reol) and he forges an everlasting friendship with his lieutenant Vrakon who he eventually says goodbye to stating he hopes they will never have to fight to protect this place which he in spite of himself has come to grow fond off. He returns to the planet to the surprise and delight of his team mates. He tells them what happened and they return wondering who the unseen aliens were.

08 Pandora’s Will

The SGC gets a message from the Pantheon stating they have found Pandora’s Will a very ancient powerful weapon that apparently can only be used by a Jaffa. They give SG-1 the coordinates to the planet were it supposed to be and they start looking for it hoping they can use it against the Ori, but Daniel is sceptical after going through everything on Pandora and he obviously concludes it must be some kind of very dangerous and terrible box, so this is what they all start looking for. Eventually Teal’c however finds a purple glowing cone and he touches it and suddenly gets a flash of strange ships attacking Dakara, Chulak and several other Jaffa strongholds. He then sees the death of Bra’tac at the hand of a ruthless enemy which claws his heart out and eats it. When he comes to he is lying in the SGC infirmary with Lam looking over him. She tells him to calm down, she calls the team and Landry and he explains to them what he saw and that they must warn Bra’tac. Daniel reassures him stating that they don’t know if what he saw actually happened/will happen or if the device merely shows a person’s deepest fears. Which Daniel finds way more likely but to assure him they contact Bra’tac whom comes to visit him and assures him to, he then goes with Mitchell and Vala to look at the device. And he says bravely that the only way to find out more about it is to touch it which he does. He then gets a terrible vision of a captured Teal’c being forced to watch how his son Rya’c and his wife Kar’yn get tortured by the same clad strange ruthless looking aliens (whom’s faces we don’t see). He then collapses and wakes up in the infirmary too this time with Teal’c looking over him, he assure Teal’c and himself that Dr. Jackson must be right and that is shows a Jaffa the most terrible thing he can imagine and that Teal’c can be luckily he lacks imagination and hasn’t seen nearly as much evil shit then he has. They then angrily contact the Pantheon of whom Bra’tac is very sceptical stating that they are still Goa’uld and many of them were part of the system lords and that they never fought against the Goa’uld empire together with the Jaffa and the Tau’ri as the Tok’ra did. The Pantheon explains that very late in their history they were betrayed by a Goa’uld that styled herself Pandora and that she intended to make a weapon that neutralizes their real power. They later hunted her down and killed her but not before learning that the weapon she build could only be wielded by a Jaffa. They then sought for this weapon on and off until they recently found its location and not wanting to risk some of their own few still loyal Jaffa they hoped the Tau’ri with their Jaffa would check it out which they did. They apologize for the inconvenience and state they are willing to take it off their hands which Landry refuses. It is then send to Area 51 for further studying. Which triggers another flash in Teal’c this time he sees how the earth is set ablaze by ships weapons fire and he then sees how Landry activates the self destruct before his heart is gouged out and the mountain explodes killing the would be conquerors. The Bra’tac collapse apparently having had the same vision. They sigh and hope that would be the last of them and that they won’t see anything like that actually come to fulfilment. He then departs and wishes them well. As he gets home he suddenly feels better, two weeks later Teal’c tells them he had no more visions and that he feels much better now. Meanwhile in Area 51 the glow of the device changes from purple and blue to yellow and orange. End of the Episode.

09 Acquaintances

An unscheduled activation disturbs the peace of night in the SGC. Somebody is contacting them with one o their own radios. Someone calling himself Ellopos claims to be Vala’s ex and is offering his help in defeating the Ori after he heard about her current whereabouts from Jacek, Vala’s father. Landry summons her and ask her if they can trust him, Vala answers probably not, but if he is willing to contact them he is probably planning some kind of big heist that requires their help and it wouldn’t hurt hearing him out. (she apparently is still kind of fond of him). They let him in and he explains he has found a weapons cache of the Ancients. Which they all sincerely doubt. Even so they check it out and all they find is a hermitically sealed tomb. Mitchell blows a hole in it with C4 making Ellopos ask if he could trade his orange fur coat for some of it, which Mitchell declines and shuts him up as he and Daniel enter the tomb. They eventually make it down several levels and find absolutely nothing, they then make it to the main chamber were they find an old scroll which has Asgard writing on it instead of Ancient writing. Daniel translates it and comes to the conclusion it deals with the subject of time travel, which has long been forbidden by the Asgard High Council. It tells them the history of the Asgard buried here and how his experiments with them eventually killed him. It also gives the gate address of his laboratory. They then go to check out that planet but are ambushed by acquaintances of Vala and Ellopos who have been ripped off by them in the past and who created the fake treasure trail to get them here, having manufactured the Asgard scroll themselves with the help of Xandur an Asgard researcher from a formerly Asgard protected planet. They take them to their hideout and Daniel tries to reason with them, but Xar, Suf, Voran, Sexil, Ingo and Daringa are not to be reasoned with it. All they want is vengeance against Vala and Ellopos and to have their way with Carter who is molested by both Suf and Daringa. While their captors are arguing about what to do with Daniel, Mitchell and Teal’c whom they have no use for, unknown to them Teal’c already ripped apart his restrains and he undoes Mitchell and Carters restrains before returning to his chair as Sexil walks into the room as he is joined by Voran they prepare to throw Teal’c, Mitchell and Daniel out of their hideout into an uninhabited planet they lift up Teal’c chairs who stands up and knocks their heads together, neutralizing them. The other 5 guys walk in wondering what happened Daringa question Teal’c while the other four watch not noticing Carter and Mitchell each standing up, at this moment Teal’c jumps up trying to overpower Daringa at the same time Mitchell tackles Suf and attacks Ingo while Carter pretends to hold a gun to Xar’s back, Teal’c overpowers Daringa and Xandur surrenders immediately handing him his Zat. With which Teal’c then shoots Voran, Sexil and Suf who were getting up they then tie them together and question them what they wanted to do, Xandur tells them he was forced to help them since he borrowed money from them, the rest then starts to distance themselves from Daringa to. Mitchell tells them they are of the Tau’ri and that this time they will let them off, but if they try to harm any of them ever again the Tau’ri will rain down fire upon them and squash them out of existence, the all promise to better their lives and SG-1 Ellopos and Xandur leave through the Stargate leaving the others tied up. Vala then tells them the story of how at their last meeting they each scammed each other. They gave her fake gold while she and Ellopos gave them fake technology in exchange for it. Xandur then leaves them to go back to his own planet and Ellopos decides to go with him, thinking Xandur can help him get a new life he then hugs Vala goodbye and expresses his desire to see her again. Which makes Daniel sigh. They then go home and report back to Landry who tells Vala this is the last time any of her acquaintance will send them on a wild money wasting goose chase, Vala responds with what a goose chase is and if they are any fun.

10 In Search of an Ark

Daniel is asleep in the SGC, he has a pleasant dream in which he meets a race of anthropomorphous rabbits who are glad to meet him and lead him into some ruins talking to him about their history and development while hugging him intermediately, then suddenly the brownish walls of the runes darken becoming dark moss green and completely different in style and composition, as he looks back the anthro rabbits have become gaunt looking people with relatively simple but fabricated clothes, he then sees how an ancient man (Amelius) is making the rune inscriptions on a newly made wall, then he sees the completed Baronkesh, before things switch back to how they were before and he sees how the ruin crumbles, he then sees a bright flash and he sees how Merlin is leading a group of people up onto a hill, he starts talking but Daniel can’t hear the words instead he sees visions of ship taking off from a mountain top, an ark being buried and the same ship beaming down 6 people in front of the Baronkesh with the Stargate in the distance on which he sees six symbols glow. He then sees a flash of the arc again and we see a glimpse of an ascended being becoming invisible and floating away out of Daniel’s room right before he wakes up. He quickly gets dressed and runs to General Landry who is already in a briefing with SG-22. He is annoyed at being disturbed, by Daniel doesn’t mind and tells him, he might just have learned about a device that might help them fight against the soldier of the Ori. Landry tells him to call down, Daniel goes with him into his office. And tells him of his dream, Landry is sceptical about his dream being a message from Merlin but nonetheless he tells him to inform his team and get ready to depart to the coordinates in 15 minutes. Daniel goes to find his team encountering a yawning Vala who he tells to follow him, in the cantina he sees Teal’c and Carter and asks them where Mitchell is, they don’t know and he motions Vala to sit down and wait he then goes looking for Mitchell and finds him in the gym and tells him to come with him, which he does he then tells the team of his dream and the soon to start mission, Teal’c and Carter finish breakfast while Mitchell just prepares two slices of bread. We then see them ready to depart as the malp is send through the gate, it has to be paned upwards to get an image of the sky and they determine the gate is buried in the sand. Which ask for a costume change, they are now in desert gear as they walk through the gate. Teal’c is the first one to climb up the sand heap and he pulls up Carter while Mitchell stubbornly tries to do it himself which he barely manages while Vala insists to be pushed by Daniel before he is helped up by Teal’c and Mitchell, Daniel then walks to where the ruins should be and after searching for two hours he finds a green wall and he estimates it is going to take months to excavate the ruins, Mitchell suggest going back which they do and Landry tells them he doesn’t think the IOA is going to fund the cost it will take to excavate the ruins based on a dream. Daniel then goes to sleep again and this time he dreams of Merlin living with primitive northern Europeans before eventually ascending he then sees how Amelius talks with the other Alterans before leaving about the Ark he however again doesn’t hear anything, he then sees an ark being lifted and sees the text in ancient it is too dangerous and another gate address, before seeing the image of himself opening the ark and learning the truth about the Ori and the Ori soldiers throwing down their weapons and leaving in their ships. He then tells Landry about this who again lets them go with a sigh, this time they are on a tropical island where they find a typical ark ship which they search to no avail, he then finds a tablet on board which tells of the building of the Stargate, Vala annoyed gives up and returns to the Stargate while Daniel keeps searching until night and Mitchell calls it quits and the return disappointed, two weeks go by and this time Daniel has a dream of an alteran council meeting on Dakara and an ark being buried. He then tries to convince Landry to let them go but he has been ordered to conduct normal gate operation by the IOA. Daniel goes to speak with Mr. Coolidge who eventually is overruled and SG-1 is allowed to go to Dakara where they start digging holes, with two of them keeping watch of the Gate in turns. We then hear how several days later Daniel finally stumbles across an arc and starts digging it out after digging it out, he gets in a conversation with Vala about it, since she is extremely eager to open it. They go back and forth until Teal’c tells them to shut up after which Ori bombers appear, SG-1 then gets into a firefight with the Ori soldiers, they then get pinned down while Daniel frantically tries to open the ark. Tomin then calls out to them promising them safety if they surrender which they do. (the episode ends at point 9:08 of the released movie) 11 The Ark of Truth Part 1

We see how SG-1 is cornered and how they surrender to Tomin, who asks them what they are doing here. Vala then asks them why they are here at which point the administrator prior comes in and asks them what they have found which Daniel eagerly tells them making the prior order Tomin to open which he does by blasting it. Sadly it is empty except for some long gone scrolls. He then orders them to be killed to which Tomin objects leading Mitchell to overpower one of the soldiers weapon and killing him, they then explain this happened because of their anti-prior device, Tomin then surrenders and goes back with them to the SGC. Back on Earth, Mitchell informs Major General Henry Landry that Tomin says a new wave of ships will arrive through the Supergate very soon. When they enter the General's Office, Landry and Mitchell meet James Marrick, an International Oversight Advisory representative who is also Richard Woolsey's replacement due to the fact that Woolsey is now spending more time with the Atlantis Expedition. Marrick reveals that he's sent to interrogate Tomin, despite Mitchell protesting that he is a guest, not a prisoner. Meanwhile, Tomin is in a room with Vala and Daniel. Jackson explains that the Sangraal sent months ago has supposedly wiped out the ascended Ori and that he has received several visions from Merlin about the location of the Ark of Truth. Tomin suggests that the place in the visions is Ortus Mallum from the Book of Origin as it sounds like the place in Daniel's vision. Marrick starts his interrogation on Tomin. Marrick angrily demands to know how many people were killed, simply because they chose not to worship the Ori. In the observation room, Teal'c tells Daniel that Vala didn't come to see the interrogation. It was too much for her to take, since he is her husband and she still feels for him. Back in the Briefing Room, Carter explains that since activating the Supergate the last time was by chance, she plans to destroy the gate by placing four Mark IXs in key areas, to prevent the Ori from getting through it. However, Jackson has a revelation, and urges them not to destroy it, as he believes the Ark is actually still in the Alteran Home Galaxy. The IOA later approves the mission to go through the Supergate, and Mitchell is to be in command of the Odyssey but in a slight snag, Marrick is to come with them on the mission. On the way to the Supergate, Teal'c sits with Tomin and tells him that nothing will make up for all the atrocities, as he was once the First Prime to Apophis. He tells Tomin that he must accept everything he has done, and will never be able to forgive himself, no matter how hard he tries. Instead he must spend every day trying to help others, as a form of atonement. Tomin seems to understand. The Odyssey arrives at the Supergate and dials it to the Alteran Home Galaxy. Once through, Vala, Daniel and Tomin head to a planet. While waiting to meet Hertis, a member of the Anti-Ori underground, Daniel has a vision of Merlin which gives him the feeling that they are on the right Track. Hertis arrives and he points them to a location known as Ortus Mallum, a mountain on Celestis, the "birthplace of evil". SG-1 is given directions to the planet. They exit hyperspace and cloak above Celestis to avoid detection. SG-1 and Tomin are beamed down to Ortus Mallum to search the forests where the village once was in hopes of finding the Ark. Meanwhile, Marrick finds access to a restricted area on board the Odyssey, the location of the Asgard computer core. He activates it then replaces a crystal, and then works on something. Major Kevin Marks has detected the activity and contacts Mitchell. He and Carter get beamed aboard whilst Tomin, Vala and Daniel continue digging out a passage Daniel discovered, with help from another vision from Merlin. Back on Earth, Colonel Albert Reynolds of SG-3 reports to Landry from P6X-437 that a Prior wishes to see Landry. He proposes that he be allowed to spread the word of Origin to the people of Earth, saying it is their last hope. Landry says that there isn't even a chance that Earth will listen and refuses his proposition, holding the Prior with the Prior disruptor. The Prior says he is without reason and that his world will burn. Landry retorts that if they are going to Hell, they're taking him down with them. Back on the Odyssey, Mitchell and Carter break into the core room and apprehend Marrick. They attempt to shut down the computer core, but they can't. The core is alerting every Ori mother ship to the Odyssey's location. Carter finds out that the core is creating something, which they soon see is a Replicator. Marrick explains the "true" mission: The IOA intend to plant it on an Ori ship and let it spread to their entire fleet. The IOA felt that in the event the Supergate couldn't be destroyed, an alternative plan of action was required. Once the Ori fleet is destroyed by the Replicators, the IOA will initiate a shut down program. They didn't expect SG-1 to find the Ark. As the newly created Replicator hangs in the force field, Mitchell calls in an Anti-Replicator gun to destroy it. However, these Replicators are immune to ARG technology, thanks to IOA tampering, and is now loose in the ship. Carter wants to know who programmed the Replicator, but Marrick refuses to answer. An angry Mitchell takes Marrick to the brig. Jackson, Teal'c, Vala and Tomin find an underground corridor to a room. They are about to be beamed up to the Odyssey, however, the Replicator has taken control of several systems, including beaming. The team has time to find the Ark. They blow a hole through a door and finally find the Ark. (the episode ends at point 47:45 of the released movie)

12 The Ark of Truth Part 2

Back on Earth Major General Landry welcomes SG-3 and their guest the One-Eyed Prior whom Landry confronts and locks up telling him he is free to burst into flame. On the Odyssey Mitchell hears and shoots a replicator thinking he’s got it he is surprised by the swarm that follows, Carter then tells him he should look for the queen. Back underground Daniel cleans the Ark which annoys Vala who opens it and they wonder if it still work to which Daniel replies he doesn’t think it is one. Teal’c then suggests to examine it on the surface. Mitchell contacts Carter telling her he ran out of ammo and had to hide. Four warships arrive near the Odyssey. Fortunarly the hyperdrive is still operational and they escape the clutches of the ships. Back outside Vala, Daniel and Tomin examine the device and Teal’c attempts to contact the Odyssey, but then gets shot in the back and falls to the ground. The rest of the team try to engage the Ori soldier and get captured. Carter runs a search through the Asgard core for a shutdown code, while simultaneously attempting to make one from scratch. A team is called to close off the room from the Replicators. In the brig, Marrick hears Replicators, cutting through the wall. He desperately calls someone to let him out, not realizing no-one is there. The Replicators later violently attack him. Teal'c trekking across Celestis. At night on Celestis, Teal'c awakens and sees nothing but dead Ori soldiers. He sees no sign of Jackson, Vala and Tomin, because they were taken to the City of Celestis to be tortured by the Doci and other Priors. Teal'c slowly gets up and treks through the mountain range, finally making it to the Plains of Celestis, before he collapses. Mitchell fighting Replicator-controlled Marrick. Back on the Odyssey, Mitchell finds the queen, who is feeding off the power from a power conduit to replicate. He plans to destroy it. He plants a C-4 charge near the queen to detonate as a distraction, to buy time so Carter can figure out a way to shut down the Replicators. Mitchell later turns around to see Marrick, who is now being controlled by Replicators. He attempts to kill him. However, he is now physically augmented and easily throws Mitchell across the room. Ascended Morgan in Ori galaxy. Back on the City of Celestis, Vala enters a room and discovers that the Ori are still around. However, the ascended being turns out to be Adria. She informs her that the Sangraal did work and the Ori are indeed gone. Now that Adria has ascended, she gets to control all of the Ori forces and power. As Adria leaves, Vala sees that some of the buttons on the Ark are glowing. On the plains, an ascended being comes to bring Teal'c back to life. He gets up and proceeds to the city. Daniel is inside a cell, lying on the floor. Merlin tells him not to give up. However, Daniel calls his bluff, realizing that Merlin died, not ascended. He is actually Morgan Le Fay, who was exiled after trying to help them in Atlantis a year ago. Daniel urges her to help, but she tells him Adria is too powerful. At the moment, she has done all she can. She tells him that if he can turn one Prior, the others will be turned because they are all linked by the crystals in their staffs. This will weaken Adria enough so that Morgan will be able to defeat her. Daniel begs her for more help, but she says she has done all she can and disappears. A prior approaches the cell, then pulls back his hood to reveal himself as Teal'c, come to free Daniel. Back at the SGC, Colonel Abraham Ellis on the new ship Apollo informs Landry that they have detected Ori ships arriving in the solar system, but that they had not yet advanced on to Earth. Landry orders him to try to hold them off if they do advance. A team holding off Replicators. Ori motherships firing on the Odyssey. On the Odyssey, the Replicators have taken over the hyperdrive and shut it down. Soon, Ori ships circle the Odyssey and start attacking it. Replicators try to break into the core room. Carter tells Mitchell to detonate the C-4. However, he is busy fighting the Replicator controlled Marrick. Mitchell eventually manages to disconnect one of the Replicator legs to Marrick's head. Marrick tells Mitchell that the self-destruct code is on the back of the crystal Marrick uploaded to the core. The seriously injured Mitchell then detonates the C-4 as the distraction, but is knocked to the floor. Mitchell informs Carter of the shut down code and she activates it just before being overrun. Mitchell limps to the bridge to surrender. However, the Ori ships disregard the surrender and continue attacking until they deplete the Odyssey's shields, leaving them completely vulnerable. The Ark of Truth activates. Teal'c using an ori staff weapon. Vala tells Daniel about the 7 glowing symbols, and Daniel tries to figure out the code to activate the Ark of Truth, but they are interrupted by the Doci and Adria. Daniel activates the Arc, remarking that the code is ironically the ancient word for 'Origin.' Teal'c shoots the leg off the table, opening the activated Ark, and catching the Doci in the beam, causing him to renounce the Ori, and realize that they are not gods. Through the link, all the priors in the Ori galaxy are turned and they stop the attack on the Odyssey just before the shields fail and it is destroyed. In Adria's severly weakened state, Morgan is able to engage Adria in either in an eternal battle similar to Oma Desala's eternal battle with Anubis, or simply destroy her. In pure energy form, they float together through the ceiling. Morgan confronts Adria on a relatively more equal strength level. With the Ori in the galaxy defeated, they return to Earth and expose the Prior being held at Stargate Command to the Ark, transmitting the knowledge about the Ori to all of the Priors in the Milky Way, and thus turning all known Priors in the Universe. Jackson learns that the Ark is to be stored in Area 51, despite his warnings that the Ark is very dangerous. Meanwhile, an injured Mitchell is in the Stargate Command infirmary, where Carter drops in, telling him that when he recovers, the IOA wants to meet with him to apologize for Marrick's actions. She also drops off a bag full of macaroon’s, which she said she baked for him. Tomin is to return to his home as the leader of the Ori followers. He tells Vala that when he was being tortured, it was thinking of the stories in the book of Origin that comforted him. She says that the book holds a lot of truth, which is why it was such a powerful lure. But as leader, he should throw out the bad bits, starting with the parts about burning people alive. He agrees. He wants her to come with him, but knows she won't. She says she's not sure where she belongs, but thinks for now it's with SG-1. He tells her he will spend the rest of his life helping people, trying to atone for what he's done, and she says she knows he will. Later, SG-1 walks to the Embarkation room, where Mitchell finds it odd that they have no "big bad-guy" to fight against anymore. Carter tells him they felt that way after the Go'auld were defeated. And the Replicators. Jackson says there are still planets to explore. And Vala adds that there is still treasure to find. They then prepare for a mission to P3K-546.

13 Aftermath

SG-1 returns from P3K-546 saying it was disappointing and a total waste of time, nothing but trees moss and empty hovels. They state that the new SG-36 (concerned with planet survey) will have a blast going there. They finish their report with Landry after which they are contacted by the Jaffa high council who confirm the leaving of the final four Ori ships through the supergate, making the Milky Way officially Ori soldier free, however there are still many groups and worlds of people who still belief and worship the Ori among which the now very extremist Illac Renin. Quite a few of which are not willing to accept the utter defeat of the Ori. Two Weeks Later a ceremony is held at the SGC in which first Daniel and Teal’c are awarded the Air Force Meritorious Service Award, then Mitchell unexpectedly is called forward and Landry and the other Generals look nervous as O’Neill says that the IOA demands his retirement and tells him to hand over his insignia which he does he then gives him back the silver eagle making him a full bird colonel, he then also receives the Air Force Cross for his heroism and bravery. He then calls Carter up the stage and hands her the silver eagle insignia making her a full bird colonel to and she also receives the Air Force Cross for her heroism, bravery and countless contributions to the planet. Lam then brings forth a cake with SG-1 on it however Vala walks away, upset she hasn’t gotten a medal, Daniel explains that getting a medal is an extremely unique honour and that maybe one day in the future she will be considered worthy enough to get her telling her this is only the second medal he has ever gotten (his first being the Air Force Exemplary Civilian Service Award). After the party and ceremony dies down, Daniel corners O’Neill and tells him they must destroy it, there is no other way, O’Neill angrily asks if he truly understands what he is asking him to do, saying he is a General for Christ sake. Daniel pressures him saying that the ark is way too dangerous and politicians and the IOA for that matter are way to corruptible and power hungry, to not eventually want to use the arc for themselves. He again states that they should do it themselves to which Daniel explains they can’t Area 51 has been given special instructions to keep them away from the arc at all cost and he tells jack that the only way they will be able to get the arc is with Reynolds his help and he will only help if asked directly by him. To which Jack replies but why Reynolds, Daniel impatiently says because he knows the place. O’Neill relents and says alright but why does she need to come (he points at Vala) Daniel says because she is an experienced thief and knows how to do these things. We then see Carter and Mitchell cornering Reynolds and show them a message from General O’Neill asking him to help him and SG-1 steal the arc which he is very reluctant about then Teal’c shows up and looks at him menacing and he relents stating he will help them. We then see Teal’c fly in a cloaked cargo ship to the roof of area 51, while at the gate Mitchell, Carter and Daniel are trying to get inside stating that they are SG-1 and should be allowed to examine the arc. Then four black vans show up and surround them telling them they have a order from the president stating that if any member of SG-1 tries to get to the Ark they are to be arrested, they are all three arrested. However on the back entrance a limousine arrives with Reynolds driving saying he has Generals Vidrine, O’Neill and Henderson with him for a top secret meeting with the commander of the facility. They are allowed in, while underway to the office of the secret leader of Area 51, three explosions are heard which startles Reynolds as only one of them was agreed upon. Vidrine states this is as far as he is willing to go and that now his debt to O’Neill is paid. O’Neill, Reynolds, Henderson (who we learn was brought in by Mitchell) and Vala whom de-cloaks (having used a Sodan cloak) now run to the room where the Ark is kept but once there they see four masked man removing the Ark a firefight breaks out between the two groups before Area 51 soldiers beam down detaining all of them, then one of the masked man activates a small explosive device which fills the room with smoke, Henderson then struggles with one of the masked man and is shot in the gut, they then hear a crumbling sound as rings appear and Teal’c arrives and quickly overpower the remaining men. Reynolds, O’Neill, Vala and Teal’c then drag the Ark to the middle of the room and Vala and Teal’c leave with the Ark, by way of transport rings. As they leave they are fired upon from space but Vala quickly activates Arthur’s Mantle which she previously stole from an SGC vault. More people beam down and now they are all captured O’Neill however doesn’t take his arrest seriously and demands that Henderson is beamed up to the infirmary of the Odyssey. Which eventually happens they are then beamed away to an underground facility. Where Mitchell, Carter and Jackson are all ready kept captive. President Hayes walks in shaking his head and says what is a president to do with you people one day you save the entire universe and get some meagre medals for it by my presidential order and the next day you break into a top secret facility to steal an extremely dangerous and valuable alien artefact which is the property of the United States of America. Daniel starts replying saying “that the US has no right to it nor does any nation on earth or entity in the universe. It is...” Hayes stops him and says for once he agrees with Daniel but that it was not his decision, the IOA decided along with the Russian and Chinese governments to keep the Ark and study it for potential future applications. And that now the Ark is considered to be in the hands of the Free Jaffa Nation because he knows Vala and Teal’c took it. Daniel says that they are on the way to destroy it but Hayes replies that there is no way he or the IOA for that matter can be sure of that, and that the Free Jaffa Nation betrayed their trust once already when it turned out they didn’t properly destroy the weapon at Dakara. General Hammond then walks in saying that Henderson will make a full recovery and that the other captured man are confirmed insiders from the Trust and that Vidrine is ready to accept full responsibility of his actions. Hayes sighs and tells the guards to release them and tells them SG-1 will be suspended of duty for the next two weeks and will forfeit their pay rise for the next four years, he then tells that O’Neill is one break in away from dishonourably discharge and well deserved retirement, to which he replies thank you Mr. President. Hayes then tells them to get out of their sight and that as soon as Vala and Teal’c return they will face a sham of a disciplinary hearing. He then beams out. Back at the SGC they discuss with Vala and Teal’c what happened after they were captured. They brought the Ark to the nearest blue giant and dropped the arc with the rings inside of it, and watch it burn up and explode. They then prepare to head out again.

14 Illac Renin’s Revenge

SG-1 returns to the SGC and immediately notice that the base is on high alert, apparently a warning has arrived from the Tok’ra that the extremist Illac Renin are planning a retaliatory attack on earth after finding out that the Ori have been completely defeated. They contacted the Jaffa high council whom claim to know of nothing stating that as far as they now the Illac Renin have become nothing more than a minor nuisance on the galaxy. Meanwhile we see an army of 200 Jaffa in Ori soldier inspired gear training to fight Tau’ri soldiers, among them is Cha’ra who managed to infiltrate them. As the training concludes their leader Komsun speaks to them saying today the day has come that they will make the Tau’ri pay for the mockery of their gods who attempted to share the wisdom of the universe with them and have now been chased away by the vile humans who scorned and ridiculed the gifts of their gods and that they will make them pay for that sin against the Ori. Hallowed are the Ori. We then see Walter announce and unscheduled activation and him saying he is receiving Bra’tac’s IDC (who apparently was killed). When he opens the gate a stun grenade comes through, followed by a legions of Illac Renin Jaffa led by Cha’ra who tells his soldiers to not bother to kill the ones unconscious since they are here solely to make a beachhead and their primary mission is to make it to the surface. We then see them take over the SGC level by level killing countless soldier and climbing upwards towards the surface by all kinds of different access ways. Eventually we see a group of Jaffa march out of the front gate of the complex and towards the outer fence. In the sky above the planet we then see 40 ships drop out of hyperspace lead by a mothership controlled by Komsun. Back on the planet the Jaffa make it to the outer gate but don’t get it open, it having been sealed by a magnetic lock. They are also surprised to find no further resistance. Suddenly a stun field activates knocking out all the jaffa then a huge army show up they open up the gates and start taking prisoners , any jaffa that still makes it to the surface is zat, forced to surrender or shot and killed. Back in the sky an underling of Komsun notices a massive power rise from the planet which suddenly blows up destroying 60 % of their fleet in one go and later crippling and blowing up the rest, then more ships come out of hyperspace and fight the remaining ships destroying several of them before forcing all the other to surrender. Cha’ra wakes up in a tent and is greeted by Teal’c who tells him well done my friend. We then find out how Cha’ra infiltrated the Illac Renin and observed and guided their plans leading them not to the real SGC but to Epsilon Stargate Command the first off world replica of Stargate Command which will start operations within two years. They then get a message from the Tok’ra who got a few of their operative aboard the ships and made the mothership go to the wrong planet which was pre-rigged to explode when the arrival of the fleet was detected. We then find out that the soldier we saw get shot weren’t killed for all of them were wearing a new uniform (made from Kull suits) that can absorb energy blasts, which Area 51 had been developing for such an event. Teal’c and Cha’ra then meet up with Bra’tac who congratulates them on an elaborate russ well planed and a victory well won. The episode then ends with Komsun in a Jaffa prison looking vengeful as hell.

15 Carter’s Goodbye

Early in the morning an alarm clock goes off we see a hand push it out we then see Colonel Samantha Carter wakes up she goes to her bathroom and splashes her face before heading downstairs to make and eat breakfast, we then see that it is an hour later as she heads out of her house ready to go to work as she steps into her car she notices a grey van parked across the street with people watching her inside of it. She arrives in the SGC and heads to Landry’s office but it is empty, Walter tells her she is awaited in the conference room by Landry, Mitchell, O’Neill and the IOA including Woolsey. She heads down to the conference room (note: not the same as the briefing room) there she finds an entire IOA delegation along with several Generals waiting for her. O’Neill motions her to sit down which she does. Mr. Woolsey then gathers his papers and addresses her saying that given the subject and final review on the table before him, he would have expected her to be on time. She stunned opens her mouth and starts to say “Sorry I” before O’Neill cuts her off while looking at Woolsey and tells him there might have been a small hiccup with the correspondence towards Colonel Carter. Woolsey is about to respond when Landry angrily looks at O’Neill while General Ramsay Mauze facepalms looks at O’Neill and says: “Don’t tell me you again ‘forgot’ to inform somebody about crucial details about new assignments?”. O’Neill looks a bit ashamed and says “Well I kind of wanted it to be a surprise and I figured I would have time to inform Colonel Carter myself about this before it came to this.” Carter annoyed now is about to speak when Mr. Woolsey scrapes his throat and says: “Regardless of General O’Neill’s ill advised and extremely unprofessional actions regarding Colonel Carter possible re-assignment to Atlantis we also have several other matters to discuss here and I for one would like to get started.” He then continues saying: “Given Colonel Carter’s recent help and interaction with the Atlantis Expedition in their hour of need and her background as both a scientist and an highly decorated air force officer, the IOA has decided to place her on a short list of possible candidates to replace Dr. Weir as the leader of the Atlantis Expedition. We are therefore gathered together here to both decide the fate of SG-1, the Atlantis Expedition and the SGC in general now that the threat of the Ori has completely dissipated.” Carter is speechless, this was the last thing she suspected. The conference continues first on the topic of the SGC and how much personnel it can miss and needs for minimal operations, to which Landry responds with that they can barely keep the lights on as it is and that scaling up should be a priority and not scaling down. Since now they can finally safely explore the galaxy and look for advanced technology without worry about advanced civilizations bend on the destruction or domination of the galaxy. O’Neill interrupts that maybe it would be better to first resolve the issue of the Command of Atlantis and whether Carter feels up for it which she stumbling answers she does. Which O’Neill proclaims settles it. Landry and the other generals nod in agreement we then see Woolsey look down on his notes which includes a list of names including Carters and his own, as nobody speaks up he nods and says: “Okay that settles it Colonel Carter will become the new Commander of the Atlantis Expedition under purview of my seasonal evaluations on the performance of her duties of her new office as the commander of an offworld military command. Now for SG-1 we are fine with the number of team members going back to four, furthermore we would like to limit SG-1 activities to making contact with high level societies.” Mitchell disappointed reluctantly agrees. Next they go back to the topic of the SGC and it is eventually decided that 80 men personnel will be transferred to Atlantis and other off world operations, while the SGC will receive a proper reduction of funds from the IOA and the Military. Next we see Carter being ambushed by Vala who tells her they should have chosen a better destination for her, for her final mission and that some farm planet formerly under the control of the Goa’uld, Lucian Alliance and Ori is hardly an appropriated destination for a final SG-1 Mission. Carter annoyed nods and ignores her. They go through the gate all looking a bit out of pace. They meet the village leader who thanks them for their help rebuilding and teaching them new farm methods and technology in exchange for a portion of their farm yield and glowing stones. They then take a box of control crystals from them and they share a meal with them and offer them a new food stub, Cacao (and chocolate which they give to them to taste), which they explain by picture book how to plant, maintain, grow and harvest. They then part ways and return home as the villagers leave them and Daniel starts dialling home when Vala stops him with tears in her eyes she then starts sobbing telling she will miss Carter and hugging her telling that she doesn’t know how she managed all those years being the only woman on the team and that she hopes they will stay in touch. Carter assures her they will. They then return home and Mitchell tells her they should go to the briefing room, as they get there a cake is waiting for Carter which says good luck, they then have goodbye party. At the end of the party Mitchell corners her and tells it is was an honour and pleasure serving with her and that he will miss her. Later we find her talking with Daniel who says he will miss her and that he kinda wants to go with her to Atlantis and she assures him he will have his turn to study Atlantis in the future. We then see her packing her things and locking up her house and going back to work for the final time at the SGC, where she first heads down to her lab and packs up things before meeting Teal’c in another lab. We then see her saying goodbye to Lam and Landry before stepping through the gate to Atlantis. We then see the remaining team members each remembering a fond memory of Carter before toasting her well being and success as leader of the Atlantis Expedition.

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