Atlantis Season 6

Takes place in 2010-2011


  • 01 Reassignment (1 of 4)
  • 02 The Man from Homeworld Command (2 of 4)
  • 03 Future (3 of 4)
  • 04 Homecoming (4 of 4)
  • 05 Turn of Events 1
  • 06 Hexed
  • 07 Future Visions
  • 08 Those in Charge
  • 09 Genuine Article
  • 10 The Payback Variations (1 of 3)
  • 11 Revolution (2 of 3)
  • 12 Unexpected Allies and Victories (3 of 3)
  • 13 Entropy
  • 14 Treaty of Atlantis
  • 15 Stranger
  • 16 Temporal Troubles
  • 17 Turn of Events 2
  • 18 Feeding Habits
  • 19 Resistance (1 of 3)
  • 20 City Under Fire (2 of 3)

Episodes Plot and Summary

01 Reassignment

We pick up the story eight days after the landing of Atlantis in the San Francisco bay area Atlantis had been cleared of all of its original personnel while a legion of scientists and engineers have taken over the city in order to study, catalogue and map out everything in it. Meanwhile we find that the team has moved on. Rodney McKay has gotten a job at Area 51 helping the designing and testing phases of the X-305 to X-312. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard has been temporarily reassigned to SG-38 who recently lost two of its members. Ronan Dex working on the construction for the new Delta Site. Teyla Emmagan meanwhile has joined Colonel Samantha Carter aboard the George Hammond as one of the crew. Last but not least Richard Woolsey has been released of his command and been put on temporary leave. Meanwhile the IOA (International Oversight Advisory) insist on keeping Atlantis near earth for its defence something which much of the military agrees with the new COA (Civilian Oversight Authority) however does not agree saying they have a moral and civic duty to help the people of the Pegasus Galaxy defeat the Wraith to that effect they have developed new strategies, technologies and weapons in order to deal with the Wraith. While working on their new jobs we see them flashback to the second day of arrival when they get told to leave and receiver their new assignments. We see Sheppard meet his new team, Teyla taking her job on the George Hammond, McKay being shipped off to Area 51 and Ronan Dex joining a Navy Seals team for training and beating them up. The Military, IOA and COA come to an understanding and are seen singing a contract. And the members of the Atlantis Expedition receive a letter at the end of the episode asking them if they want to return to duty on Atlantis. Mr. Woolsey is not seen receiving a letter if the is still in command is up in the air for now.

02 The Man from Homeworld Command

A man known as the reviewer comes to Atlantis which is still afloat in the San Francisco bay area and starts interviewing the returning crew who give testimonials of their experiences on Atlantis he then spent a long time with McKay going over new technologies and weapons they have been developing including a device that saps power from groups of people and can use it to feed wraiths which they successfully test on Todd. We learn he is working on a second type that can materialize the energy in pill form. As he interviews people he annoyingly berates them and acts very condescending to him. Then an armada of ships included 40 container ships arrive all around Atlantis and an army of people start unloading the containers and filling the towers and hallways of Atlantis with countless boxes, canisters, crates, barrels and entire sections of buildings. As it turns out the Atlantis is to be used to ferry 90 % of the goods needed to complete the cloaked moon base to the moon where a minor base has already been established. As 60 % of Atlantis has been filed with stuff for the moon base, Atlantis with a lot of difficulty is launched into the sky and reaches the moon where it docks into the already existing part of the otherwise very barren moon base. The reviewer then summons the new crew of the Atlantis Expedition he tells them that they will be returning to the Pegasus Galaxy within 6 to 8 months time, meanwhile they are requested to stay here in order to help get the Moon Base up and running. He then leaves on the first prototype CS-1 (X-306/SC8) and Interstellar Cargo Ship which uses rings for transportation and has one escape pod on either side it is inspired by the Al’kesh. After twelve months he returns looking quite changed announcing now that the moon base is 75 % complete (McKay figured it was 90 % done) they are allowed to leave under condition that he is granted temporary command of Atlantis just until the Military, the IOA and COA are done finding an agreeable replacement for Mr. Woolsey who sadly won’t be joining them. They then fill the up the empty F-303 bay up with what remains of the construction material for the rest of the moon base after which it is free to leave however we see that some stuff has been left behind on Atlantis as the episode ends.

03 Future

While crossing the distance between two galaxies Atlantis receives a distress signal form a very earth like looking space craft, they go aboard only to find all its inhabitants death, all of whom are wearing newly designed uniforms, things really get eerie when Zelenka comes across his own corpse. As John, Teyla, Lorne and Ronan reach the captain’s deck they find the dead body of Spaceforce Captain John Sheppard. He then follows the instructions on a space recorder left to himself and finds a video of himself telling himself he has not much time since his ship is losing pressure and within an hour the remaining crew that has opted to stay behind (the rest having escaped to life rafts) will choke to death due to lack of oxygen. He then explains some more about his situation telling him he is from 10 years in the future (2020) and he gives his younger self seven pieces of useful information. Meanwhile the reviewer gets more annoying; following people around in their daily business, checking out systems aboard Atlantis, messing with a Puddle Jumper etc. Then things get serious when an explosion happens threatening to rip the found ship asunder. Those onboard barely make it off in time before the ship is torn in six. They then blow up the ship as instructed on Future John’s message.

04 Homecoming

As they return to the Pegasus galaxy, Todd’s alliance is waiting for them. But instead of attacking them they demand the return of their Queen which they have been led to think is kept prisoner there. So once again Teyla becomes Todd’s Queen and with him and Sheppard and go they face the other queens of the Alliance and tell them they made an alliance with the humans in order to defeat the other Wraith telling them and showing them the new technology which they have developed which draws energy from humans without killing them the Queens are impressed but very sceptical, the Reviewer tells them that this is just the first version and that they are working on a second one that can make the energy into physical food and that this is completely different from the Gene Therapy that nearly killed Todd and his Queen. Eventually the alliance agrees to use these devices in their culling knowing it will give them a tactical advantage over the other alliances however they also demand the new gene therapy canister technology in order to fight other hives with the bad gene therapy seeing this as their best chance to deal fatal blows to the Wraith the reviewer agrees, ignoring the teams objections.

05 Turn of Events 1

While exploring a strange planet AE3 has discover a building that seemed to have possible been one of Kenmore’s labs. However as AE1 joins them to investigate they quickly find out this is an alien lab the studied the Wraith and tried cloning them and instead made a new race which they instructed to fight the Wraith. The Wraith however quickly discovered this and seemingly killed the civilization responsible however the clones have escaped and they have been preparing to take over the galaxy as soon as the Wraith are weak enough. After learning much about them McKay finally learns how they look like but before he can tell any of the team they get attacked by the enhanced clones, they are the aliens from Daedalus Variations and they are called the Hexpedan. They manage to temporarily overcome then and make it back to the gate however now the Hexpedan are aware of their existence and they are coming for Atlantis.

06 Hexed

While visiting a primitive off-world village, Sheppard is cursed by a resident witch. At first, Sheppard and co. laugh off the incident – until Sheppard runs into a spate of bad luck. Very bad luck! Suddenly, the team isn’t so sure what is going on and their search for answers turns up some very alarming complications. The eventually find out that the wooden staff of the wind conceals an Lantaen device which is to suppose to inhibit someone’s mental function and innate awareness, they turn it off and confiscate it putting things right again.

07 Future Visions

The Terra last of the BC-304’s (X-304’s) arrives in orbit over the city, however without explanation all the crew, personnel and other inhabitants have gone missing. Which utterly perplexes the people on Atlantis Sheppard and co plus the reviewer who is highly intrigued and amused go to check it out. They find out that the crew has been beamed away by an unknown enemy. Then suddenly they get a headache and find themselves back four hours earlier on Atlantis they contact The Terra which is doing fine however 30 minutes later they hear that the Terra is under attack from strange enemy vessels that are indeed trying to beam the crew off board luckily the reviewer studied the footage and helps McKay send a new shield modulation that blocks out the strange aliens beaming technology. They then each flash forward to an unspecified time in the future. Ronan finds himself in one in which the Wraith have taken over Atlantis. While McKay finds himself in another were the Vanir are in control of the city after killing all the inhabitants. Teyla comes to an Atlantis wherein in which all the members are frozen into place. Sheppard finds himself in a future where he just died after visiting a planet called AE4-S72N by the reviewer after bringing back a deadly disease. And the reviewer finds himself on an Atlantis in the far future controlled by aliens in strange glowing suits. We then see them all phase out of their respective futures and now they see themselves in McKay’s lab surrounding a device, while the second McKay says it is totally safe I promise. They then find themselves back four hours earlier on Atlantis, were they contact The Terra which is doing fine however 30 minutes later they hear that the Terra is under attack from strange enemy vessels that are indeed trying to beam the crew off board luckily the reviewer studied the footage of the attack before timeslipping and he helps McKay send a new shield modulation that blocks out the strange aliens beaming technology. As soon as they realize their beaming doesn’t work anymore they leave after having taken 15 people hostage. 08 Those In Charge

The Terra now officially arrives safely on Atlantis, three people beam down Mr. Crenswell of the IOA, Colonel Jack “Jax” Sanders and Mr. Sweldani of the COA. Apparently negations for command over Atlantis had broken down so General O’Neill suggested that each interested party would send out one candidate and let them compete against each other in an election for command over the Atlantis Expedition. As each introduces themselves to the people of Atlantis and start preparing for their respective campaigns. Then Atlantis receives a transmission from the Coalition of Planets who has recently grown very large in their absence they request a meeting with the current leader of Atlantis on Atlantis however there is now one small problems technically there are now five possible leaders Sheppard, the reviewer, Sanders, Crenswell and Sweldani. Eventually they hold a disastrous meeting the leaders of the coalition find themselves insulted by the fact that there are five leaders of Atlantis. Meanwhile Sheppard has an inner struggle remembering his future’s self warning not to trust Mr. Woolsey’s replacement but to trust the reviewer. This makes him distrustful of Cresswel so he feels that he must be the only right choice. As the campaigns heat up Sheppard passes out mid-speech to find he has missed two weeks and that unexpectedly the strange Mr. Sweldani has won.

09 Genuine Article

The Reviewer aboard the Terra is heading back home when commander Kusanagi finds out that a group of replicators have survived and are building a fleet of warships on a secret planet of theirs. Commander Kusanagi insists on destroying them while the Reviewer want to use the group of space flung replicators in order to infiltrate them and learn all they can about ancient technology which he figures they are the best candidates for, meanwhile Sheppard remembering his future self warning wants to stay away from them eventually he is convinced that the Reviewers plan might have some merit since the Weir/Fran replicator has shown itself trust worthy they scoop them up with a puddle jumper telling them they needed time to think about their trustworthiness and they now propose them a new deal, they will help them infiltrate the replicator planet and they will help them acquire ZPM’s from the city below. As they infiltrate the planet they find out that it is controlled by faulty prototypes, they are replicators that can’t replicate they can only build stuff and the warships they are building are not warships but exploration ships build on the design of an ancient warship, they were apparently neutralized by the replicator collective thousands of years ago but now that the collective has been destroyed they have started up again and started rebuilding. The Fran group makes contact with them and finds them peaceful and asks to be allowed to help them develop themselves promising that they will help them become allies against the Wraith and others.

10 The Payback Variations (1 of 1)

A small fleet of small ships come out of hyperspace and quickly make it through the shield and start killing people and taking over the city, however as they reach the gate room they stop in their tracks. And we see time play back and we see Sheppard and co in McKay’s research lab. Sheppard tells him good we have determined that this is a time travel device and that an attack of the Vanir is imminent they then call back the Terra to help them defend against the attack. Then we see the ships again come out of hyperspace and throughout the city teams have set up waiting for the Vanir entrance points they engage the Vanir with little success while Sheppard climbs his way towards the top of the central tower, however he gets killed before making it. Time rewinds again and we see them back in McKay’s lab who has just realized the potential of a new Janus device this device allows up to four people to send their minds forward in time. They then discuss what to do and they come up with a plan to send one of their ZPM’s to the Terra so that it can reach them in time to at least make a difference. They go with the plan and they succeed in getting the Terra to arrive in time however again they are unsuccessful and they all get killed again and find themselves back in McKay’s lab they decided to give it another try, meanwhile the reviewer on the timely arriving Terra gets a headache and flashes back to a time he came in contact with an Ancient device and he suddenly starts leaving through the Asgard database before the ship get blown up. Now on their fifth try, the reviewer immediately finds the data he is looking for and he orders Kusanagi to heal the Vanir who are attacking the city he also tells Sheppard to stand down since he is sure the Vanir can be reasoned with. The Vanir stop their attack and demand to know how they know that they are called the Vanir. The reviewer then explains to them their history with the Asgard saying they gave them all their knowledge and research and that they might find a way in it to help themselves since they are in a less advanced stage of increased cloning, he also tells him he knows why they attacked Atlantis saying it wasn’t just for revenge of payback but that it was to study the technology of the Lanteans and that they will allow them to that and that they have technology to share about defeating the Wraith. They agree and stand down and demand to be given full leisure of the Terra and Atlantis which Mr. Sweldani is forced to agree with knowing that resistance is futile, therefore effectively rendering control of the Terra and Atlantis to the Vanir.

11 Revolution (2 of 3)

The Vanir are still in control of Atlantis and the Terra when the Terra receives a message from the replicators which anger the Vanir with difficulty the reviewer explains the situation assuring them that it is safe and sharing all their anti-replicator knowledge with them. The Vanir seem relieved and they let slip that they were the ones who first sent the replicators to the Ida Galaxy out of spite towards their Asgard brethren. They then get agitated when the Stargate is dialled by an unknown group of humans who call themselves the Oberians and claim to be nomadic planet travellers who have found one of the strange alien ships that attacked the Terra and some of their missing people meanwhile the Replicators are asking for assistance against a Wraith alliance that has started fighting them. The team split up the reviewer, Teyla, Rodney and Jennifer go to the replicators accompanied by 6 Vanir while Sheppard, Ronan, Lorne and Zelenka go with the Oberians who have set a trap for them together with the remaining Genii luckily they get saved by the most unlikely of allies Todd has appeared and asks for their assistance explaining that now thanks to their new technology the 30 to 35 Wraith alliances have be waddled down to 9.

12 Unexpected Allies and Victories (3 of 3)

Todd explains Wraith hierarchy and struggles saying that there are now 9 remaining Wraith alliances, the first and biggest one they call the Secrarin after the Secrarin technology they have adopted. The Second biggest is Todd’s alliance who increased exponentionally due to their innovations and technology. The Third is a ragtag alliance of more individualist tribes of Wraiths who have each other’s back. The fourth alliance has acquired the feeders and have quickly risen in power because of it, the fifth alliance is one that is very territorial and one which is not likely to bother them, the sixth alliance is an alliance focused on feeding as much as they can they are ruled by a queen known as death. The Seventh alliance hold their position through shield piercing and enhancing technology while the Eight biggest is about to be attacked by the sixth and the ninth biggest is currently attacking the replicators. After convincing the Vanir of Todd’s intentions they agree to help defeat the ninth biggest alliance. Which they do. This leads to a meeting between Wraith, Replicator and Vanir. Todd then proposed they work together with each other and the fourth alliance to defeat the strong seventh biggest alliance after they can wait for the battle between the sixth and eight alliance to end and sweep in to defeat the both of them. The Vanir and Replicators agree with this plan. They have a long battle with the seventh alliance before defeating it. They then head for the battle sight of the Sixth and the Eight to find the Eight nearly destroyed and the Sixth doubled in size. Meaning that now there are only Six alliances left.

13 Entropy

McKay is going over the stuff in Janus lab together with one of the Vanir who puts an egg shaped object into a multiple pronged one which activates the device which shows images of the lab in alternative realities. McKay gets angry at the Vanir and tells him to deactivate. The Vanir apologizes and removes the egg shutting of the alternative reality windows but shifting them to another phase (wrongfully called dimensions before) and unlike Arthur’s Mantle the field that gets pused out of phase is rapidly increasing. McKay puts back the egg which lights up and transports them to an alternative reality. One in which Atlantis is all but destroyed he then twists and turns the egg which lights up and shoots out an oval force field surrounding them they then see time rewind before their eyes seeing the destruction of Atlantis at the hands of the Hexpedan. They watch time rewind and suddenly the device stops and sends them back to where they were in time and reality and phase. The egg then breaks open and includes a date crystal which McKay puts into the computer it is a message from Janus congratulating the finder in finding his secret lab and discovering all of the three functions of his existence observer. He then explains how it works saying it can show you alternative realities, travel you through time and switch you with one of your alternative selves. He then explains this device was not just created by him or technically speaking it was created by him but by 14 different versions of him. He then warns the user that the device is pretty delicate. We then hear a crash and we see that Ronan accidentally broke off one of its prongs. The device starts glowing in strange places and suddenly a vortex opens from which weird other worldly creatures arrive they quickly spread through Atlantis scaring the shit out of people and interrupting regular operations. With the help of a bunch of Vanir he tries to repair the machine but things get increasingly worse as bigger, stranger and more solid creatures including a sentient vapour cloud start arrive wreaking havoc across the city when a strange flying creature flies away with Zelenka. Sheppard demands the machine destroyed and McKay warns that, that might make things worse. Ronan however shoots the device which indeed broadens the vortex from which a dinosaur-like creature is now trying to emerge. Sheppard then takes the device towards the Stargate with McKay’s objections and destroys it by event horizon which destroys the device and shuts the inter-dimensional vortex cutting of the arms of the dinosaur-like creature. However all other creatures that have come trough have now become solid. Meanwhile Zelenka is dropped into the ocean and nearly drowns before being saved by Major Lorne in a puddle jumper. Teams are assembled and send out across the city to destroy the dangerous creatures. After supposedly all creatures have either been captured or neutralized, McKay explains that the device must have malfunctioned and tried to use all its functions at the same time creating a vortex to another dimension. Which is remarkable and unexpected.

14 Treaty of Atlantis

The Vanir, The Replicators, The Coalition of Planets, Todd and Spencer (the leader of the fourth biggest alliance) meet on Atlantis to discuss a union against the rapidly increasing army of Death who is confirmed to be preparing to strike against not only the largest and the fifth alliance but against Atlantis also. They discuss a union against the other four alliances of wraith promising to focus on the first and fifth ones first. Meanwhile Teyla has once again presumed the role of queen and meets with the queen of the fourth alliance who is not convinced of her Wraithness and taunts her by saying that only a weak queen would have made deals with Humans to which she responds that only a dumb queen would deny the advantages she has gained by working and dealing with the humans from Atlantis. She then meets with a queen which is unaffiliated to any of the alliances who backstabs her and tries to use the gas grenade against her, since she however is not a real wraith it doesn’t work, however this queen interprets her surviving the gas as a sign that she has been immunized against the gas. She then vents the gas and demands to know how immunization against the gas can be accomplished and Teyla replies that everything has its time and place and in due time when they have proven themselves worthy allies she might share that technology with her. She agrees and joins Todd’s alliance bringing with her 250 ships. Meanwhile with the help of Mr. Woolsey who has been requested as negotiator the Pegasus Treaty of Co-operation against the Antiquated Wraitsh and other shared treats of the Pegasus Galaxy or Treaty of Atlantis is signed by the representatives of the Coalition of Plantes, Mr. Woolsey, Mr. Sweldani and Colonel Sheppard , Todd, Spencer and Hrimnir of the Vanir.

15 New Possibilities

With the help of the Vanir the gene therapy is perfected, apparently they quickly managed to correct the flaws and errands in the original gene therapy but didn’t want to share this after successfully completing a gene therapy on themselves that might give them the ability to reproduce again within half a million years, which is probably still too late for the Vanir but a great start. They also perfect the second feeder which turns the captured energy into a solid ball like tablet. The new Queen who has joined is eager to try the therapy on her drones which she does her drone subjects fall on the floor and 6 out of every 20 die however the remaining fourteen rip of their masks showing their faces changing they grow angry at the queen and start attacking, trying to take over the ship luckily the Atlantis team was there cloaked and save the allied queen. The drones then demand to be realised from the queen’s service stating they want to start their own society and no longer want to be slaves to the queen. They are forced to agree to this and give them one of the smaller cruisers. The Vanir then come aboard and take several of the death test subjects with them. Aboard the nearby big Vanir ship McKay gets told that the Gene Therapy worked and that now their bodies have become fully reliant on external nourishment and it has also increased their strength, endurance, intelligence, longevity and similar abilities. The two alliances quickly decide to only use it on officers and not on drones or commanders. The officers they use it on get more intelligent and much tougher skin (Ronan forces his concern after learning this) they also say they have felt their lives increase however their strength and endurance has remained the same. McKay determines that because technically the drones are the most underdeveloped kind of wraiths it is only logical that they would be most affected by the gene therapy since there is the most to be changed. The Vanir finally leave Atlantis at the end of the episode.

16 Temporal Troubles

McKay finds another harmonic frequency door which leads to Janus’s storeroom inside he finds two prototypes for the existence observer that don’t work however what does seem to be in working condition are 6 time-travel engines, 20 alternative reality observers and 60 phase devices. McKay deduces that the time-travel engines were made to be installed in the puddle jumpers. As McKay is about to install the time-travel engine inside the puddle jumper John warns him saying that the ship they met between the galaxies had four of them installed and that if they do anything wrong while testing it they might not live another day. McKay finishes installing the time-travel engine and fires it up they find themselves in the (where one version of the team struggles to acquire the puddle jumper and undo the damage done without affecting the time line), five years into the future (where the wraith under command of Death have taken over Atlantis and another version of the team is attempting to acquire the jumper so that they can warn their past selves), and the present (unaffected team) with developments in each timeline influencing events in the other. Eventually they make it back to the present with useful information about death and some future events including a renewed attacked by the Hexpedan.

17 Turn of Events 2

A huge fleet of Hexpedan engage all the remaining Wraith regardless of affiliation. Forcing the sixth alliance of Death to stop their tactic of world culling and engage them and so do the other Alliances. Todd asks for the assistance of Atlantis and the Vanir who already find themselves under attack and so do the Travellers and Replicators. They tell them that they have to take down the queen. Todd negotiates with the other alliances and is able to convince Spencer’s full alliance, most of the first alliance, few of the third and fifth alliance to join him, the Vanir, Atlantis, the Replicators, the Travellers and the Terra into battle against the Prime Queen whom AE1 defeats by sneaking aboard disguised a drone they first come face to face with the Officer and Commander Hexpedan and they manage to kill them and the Prime Queen which stops the drone’s in their tracks and causes confusion with the Officers and Commanders. They alliance quickly take down all of the Hexpedan ships over the next two months.

18 Feeding Habits

John accidentally switches minds with a very angry hungry wraith due to the Long Range Communication Device (LRCD). And he is driven to feed on human being and he has to overcome it, meanwhile on atlantis the Wraith in his body goes crazy and starts attacking people. Todd now fully in charge of the Alliance finds out who the Wraith is who switched with Sheppard saying he did a little more then take a peek at McKay computers last time he was a prisoner. He helps them track down the Wraith in question (who is a member of the third alliance) and at the end of the episode they manage to turn off the LRCD without destroying it.

19 Origins Revealed (1 of 4)

As it turns out most of the fifth alliance has left the Pegasus galaxy and are scattering to space to find new safer feeding grounds the remainder has joined with the other alliances most opting to join either the first or third. Meanwhile the alliance of Death launches a full assault on Spencer’s Alliance who decides to kill his reluctant queen in favour for Teyla whom he still believes is a real Queen he then joins Todd’s alliance demanding to see his new queen and drawing Death’s attention to them meaning that now a confrontation is inevitable and that Todd needs a fresh new arsenal of weapons which the Vanir and Atlantis provide him, however the overwhelming might of Death forces them on the defensive. Before the Terra can help Todd’s Alliance it notices a small ship heading for one of the remaining Hexpedan ships it was send to destroy it comes back to life and suddenly a renewed wave of Hexpedan ships start attacking all the Wraiths and not just the Wraiths a massive fleet is heading for Atlantis. Colonel Sanders, the Reviewer, Ronan Dex and Zelenka go aboard the ship disguised as Drones and they discover that the Oberians are behind the Hexpedan and that they were the original creators however they are found out and reverted to their own selves and imprisoned and told to witness the extinction of the wraith and the end of Atlantis. Meanwhile on Atlantis Mr. Sweldani orders McKay to finish repairs on the Wormhole drive so that they can escape the Hexpedan fleet heading towards them. Lt. Colonel John Sheppard however takes things in his own hands and orders Lorne to arrest Mr. Sweldani while he takes command of Atlantis and lead an intercept force against the Hexpedan.

20 City Under Fire (2 of 4)

The intercept force is unsuccessful in delaying the attack on Atlantis as more and more ships arrive taxing the shield, Sheppard is forced to try and return to Atlantis. Meanwhile aboard the main Hexpedan the Terra infiltration team gets tortured by the Oberians, while the crew of the cloaked Terra debates whether to stage a rescue operation. Meanwhile Queen Teyla has been put in charge of the entire anti-Hexpedan alliance. They are suffering heavy losses as more and more Hexpedan ships start arriving. For some reason the only unaffected alliance is the alliance of Death. Who is actually now launces a full scale attack on the first Alliance who for the most part have only supported the battle on the side lines. After losing many puddle-jumpers the remaining four make it safely back to Atlantis. Sheppard orders everyone to evacuate through the Stargate to the Pegasus beta site, including Sweldani and Lorne who he puts in charge. While the evacuation is going on he slowly shrinks the shield until only the central tower is shielded, the Hexpedan seemingly do not care about the escape through the Stargate or the shield shrinking and instead focus on levelling the exposed city all towers get blown apart. Sheppard realizes that the time is now and start climbing the Central Tower. Meanwhile the team aboard the Hexpedan ship escapes and makes their way towards the hanger bay but they are surrounded and Yuriqu the Oberian commander tells them they are to be executed and orders the hexpedan drones to force them on their knees and he orders them to shoot them. Meanwhile Todd’s alliance is suffering heavy damages while the travellers and Vanir retreat. A huge Hexpedan fleet shows op and heads straight for the Wraith mothership Teyla is on who gets told by Todd that within minutes the shield of the ship will fail and they will all die meanwhile Death successfully defeats the first Alliance becoming the dominant Wraith alliance in the galaxy. This is all intercut with Sheppard climbing the central tower the episode ends with the shield around the gate room and the top of the tower failing as Sheppard reaches the top and pushes a button which brings out a rod from the top of the tower, which surprise Sheppard who is about to get shot at by six Hexpedan ships.

Atlantis Season 7

Takes place in 2011-2012


  • 01 The Orb (3 of 4)
  • 02 Unexpected Gift (4 of 4)
  • 03 True Intentions
  • 04 The Last Replacement
  • 05 Rogue Feeders
  • 06 Her name is Death (and hell followed with her)
  • 07 The Grave
  • 08 Assassination
  • 09 Resistance
  • 10 The Replacements
  • 11 Singularity Desires
  • 12 The End of Death
  • 13 Extinction Pt.1
  • 14 Extinction Pt.2
  • 15 Stranger
  • 16 Young Ones
  • 17 News from Destiny
  • 18 The Sculptor Galaxy
  • 19 Return
  • 20 New Order

Episodes Plot and or Summary

01 The Orb (3 of 4)

We start were we left off, with the team on the Hexpedan about to be killed, Teyla and Todd cruiser about to be destroyed and Sheppard about to be shot at. Luckily for Sheppard ten lightly armed X-306/CS-01 Cargo Ships drop out of Hyperspace along with several Squadrons of F-303’s Interstellar Tactical Fighter-Interceptor and the first BC-305 the Deep Space Thunderbird Battlecruiser named the Phoenix. While they fight the armada of Hexpedan Sheppard climbs the rod and removes an Orb from the top which starts to glow as he holds it because of the Ancient Gene it also shows him several jumbled vision. It then shoots into the air and it restores power to the remainder of the city and it send out a pulse throughout the Pegasus galaxy disabling all the Hexpedan ships and drones. Teyla and Todd manage to send troops over and destroy the mother ship with C4. Meanwhile the drones that are about to shoot the team aboard the main ship go inert and Ronan quickly defeats Yuriqu and his men at which point the cloaked Terra launches an attack against the ship and boards it to find them all unharmed they rescue them and take Yuriqu and his men prisoner and blow up the ship. The remaining Wraith of the first alliance fight off Death’s assault but they have sustained heavy losses Death is now in command of the biggest army of Wraith while Spencer’s and Todd’s Alliance still comes in second now joined by many from the third and first Alliance while the third Alliance disbands and the remaining first Alliance take over their position. Lorne and Sweldani return and he reveals that the new ship the Phoenix is under his control and so are the troops that came with it and he orders the immediate arrest of Sheppard who sneaks the Orb to Lorne whispering let McKay examine it. The Terra then returns with the team and the prisoners. McKay is handed the Orb in secret and also gets flashes and visions while he is told by Lorne to examine it. Meanwhile the Terra and the Phoenix leave to destroy the inert Hexpedan fleet. The Reviewer, Zelenka and McKay theorize about the Orb while Sweldani demands Sheppard to be court martialed. Luckily also aboard the Phoenix is Mr. Woolsey who will be defending him.

02 Unexpected Gift (4 of 4)

While Mr. Sweldani continues with Sheppard’s court martial a giant workforce of good replicators arrive to try rebuild the city along with the Vanir and the members of Atlantis. They however determine that most of the city is unsalvageable. Luckily the broken replicators have been working on several Atlantis like ships and they discovered that all the piers can be disconnected and almost all the towers can be replaced but the central tower, the outer two towers and the two spire towers can’t be replaced. McKay is about to leave with the Replicators to see if he can fix one of their city ships or otherwise transport part of them to Atlantis. However suddenly an hyperspace window opens and a second deserted Atlantis arrives which is proven to be nearly exactly the same as their Atlantis on the top tower is a post-it note with thank you on it. While the scientists check it out along with Lorne and Beckett. Mr. Woolsey meanwhile is prepping Sheppard for his defence but he expects that Sweldani might be a member of the Lucian Alliance, however he finds out that he is not of the Lucian Alliance but that he is a member of the Trust, which he reveals at trial. Which forces Mr. Sweldani to take drastic measures shooting his way out of the courtroom and eventually using a personal phase device to walk through walls to one of his CS-01’s were his men are waiting for him, he along with four other CS-01 try to escape from Atlantis but only three get away while the fourth gets destroyed. Sheppard is returned to function and the reviewer takes over command of Atlantis and decides to switch the two and salvage from the old one all that can be salvaged and they find evidence that the new Atlantis came from another reality. One in which AE4-S72N was dialled and nearly everybody died. Which still leaves us with several unanswered question how did it get here? Who brought it here if the expedition that was one it initially died? And what is the thank you note about?

03 True Intentions

While going through the files of Mr. Sweldani they find out that his true intention which was to find the location of several Alteran storage facilities located throughout the Local Galactic Group including one in the Pegasus Galaxy and one in the Milky Way Galaxy. Not to mention over 20 in other nearby galaxies. McKay and the Reviewer quickly find the protected date device which holds all the addresses of the storage facilities which are double protected by an ancient riddle which the reviewer solves they then find out there are not 22 addresses but 42 of them and each of them requires an ever increasingly difficult ancient puzzle or equation to solve in order to get the right address. While McKay agonizes over the first equation for a storage facility located in the Sculptor Galaxy. The Reviewer finds out that each of the 42 galaxies listed show how many times the equation, riddle or puzzle for them has been solved and he finds out that the ones for the Pegasus Galaxy, the Leo II Galaxy and the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy have been solved. The Pegasus galaxy puzzle has been solved latest and has a more difficult puzzle then the one’s from the Leo II and Sagittarius Dwarf which are similar to the one for the Pegasus Galaxy. McKay finishes the equation and gets an address in the Sculptor Galaxy then thanks to the notes left behind by Sweldani he and the reviewer quickly solve the Leo II and Sagittarius ones, but the Pegasus one seems more complicated, Ronan walks in and asks why the ancient lettering is reversed like seen from a mirror, which helps the reviewer and McKay solve the puzzle allowing them to find the address in the Pegasus Galaxy which they immediately go to and are not surprised to find two of the CS-01’s ships on. They fight the Trust members guarding the Alteran Storage facility and they find a distraught Mr. Sweldani inside since the entire facility is completely empty and stripped of everything. The reviewer however finds a hidden fault in the backroom which he theorize can be opened by a nearby stone which however not works but does project an image of the Andromeda Galaxy, which due to unknown reasons is declared off limits by Stargate command. They arrest Mr. Sweldani who along with his captured men is beamed aboard the Terra who now heads back home with the addresses of three more storage facilities.

04 The Last Replacement

With Mr. Sweldani Colonel Sanders, Mr. Cresswell and the Reviewer have taken up joined leadership of Atlantis and again a meeting is to be held with their allies on an neutral. The Vanir, The Replicators, The Coalition of Planets, Todd and Spencer, the Travellers and Several other dignitaries including an alien one which is foreign to them. They discuss recent events some we knew off and some we didn’t, the defeat of the Hexpedan, the growth of Death’s army, the betrayal of the Coalition of Planets by the Genii who are now consider terrorists, the replicators taken over the old Atlantis for repairs, the Vanir’s success in finding a way to engineer their DNA in such a way that in a few generations they can breed living young again thanks to the help of the databases of Atlantis and Earth and doctors Carson and Keller and some tips from the Reviewer. The Oberians are also discussed in length and a new treaty is made for the Pegasus Galaxy called the Pegasus Joined Defence Alliance. The entire meeting is then moved to Atlantis as there is word of a planned Oberian attack on the city and we find out that the ships that were attacking the Terra back in season 6 future visions were actually Oberians. In Atlantis they finish the meeting and give each signee a tour of Atlantis, the alien introduces himself as Merzitprix Prime Councillor of the Equicc People an advance alien race of the Pegasus galaxy that always hid from the Wraith and were aware of their terror on their universe but that they only dared to show themselves to humans after the Fifth Alliance of Wraith left their spot of the Galaxy alone. Now that they feel the end is near they want to be part of it. After the tour the Reviewer sits down and tells Mr. Cresswell and Colonel Sanders to do janken pon in order to find out who should lead Atlantis, after explaining it they agree and Colonel Sanders wins four rounds of rock-paper-scissors which unanimously pleases the people on Atlantis excluding Mr. Cresswell of course.

05 Rogue Feeders

Reports start flowing in of several groups of Wraiths abusing the Mark I feeders in order to torture native populations, multiple teams are send out to deal with them and it is found out that most of them are from the former third Ragtag Alliance. A long game of cat and mouse happens between AE1 and the wraiths their chasing while the Wraiths that AE2 goes after takes hostages and the AE3 team find themselves trapped and must escape while AE4 lands itself in a fire fight and AE5 finds the Wraith already death the indigenous people having slaughtered them. AE5 is then send to back up AE3 while AE4 is send to back up AE1. Eventually with help of the Vanir who kill three groups of illegal feeders with extreme prejudice while the Coalition of Planets kills over half of them and captures the rest. The feeder is update in order to have a limit.

06 Her name is Death (and hell followed with her) (1 of 4)

The old Atlantis arrives on the broken replicator home world for repairs while the new one is getting polished. Then the team gets a subspace message from Todd saying his alliance was about to broker a deal with the former first alliance when a huge pale mothership showed up a long with a giant armada of ships intent on destroying them all, he is asking for assistance. The team boards the terra and heads for the battle field, however it quickly becomes clear they are way out numbered so they convince Spencer and Todd to do a tactical retreat which with Spencer reluctantly agrees with. The return to Atlantis only to find out that the mothership has followed them. It quickly calls out the entire armada and engages both the Terra and Atlantis which luckily is at near maximum power in battle. She seems to be intent on wearing out Atlantis supply of drones as some Vanir and Traveller ships arrive so does a second armada of ships and this one is joined by another armada of Oberian ships and even some reclaimed Hexpedan ships. The Terra gets crippled just when the team boards a enhanced cloaked shuttle prototype (the only one of its kind) in order to sneak aboard the mothership we then see the Terra crew being beamed aboard the Oberian ships as prisoners right before the Terra explodes possible destroying the shuttle containing Sheppards team to. Then the Vanir retreat while the Travellers also get beaten, boarded and beamed away as prisoners for the Wraith to feed on as one of the Travellers soon learns. As a fifth fleet arrives Carson in the control chair is down to his last five drones and Colonel Sanders orders him to fire them all at the mother ship. But they are unsuccessful then all the enemy ships fire on the Atlantis shield quickly draining it they have five minutes left before the shield is breached and the Oberians can start beaming out people. As the shield starts failing the Reviewer looks up at the massive pale mothership of Death in the sky he speaks the words (while we see related images) “And I heard as it were the noise of thunder, one of the four beast saying come and see, and I saw, lo and behold a pale horse and the name of the one set within it was Death and hell followed with her.”

07 The Grave (2 of 4)

We see the Reviewer along with several other Gate Room personal being beamed aboard Oberian ships, the suddenly the shield reboots and the city goes into hyperspace of all things instead of engaging his hyper drive. This allows them to escape through the planet. Colonel Sanders is wounded but still in charge ask what happens to which Chuck tells him that they just went into hyperdrive which should have been impossible since Atlantis does not suppose to have a hyper drive let alone stand enough power to go into hyperspace and raise shield. Zelenka then radio’s that he recently found an unknown power system and just realized it was a hyper drive also it is a separate system from the rest of the city which is powered by it’s on supply of 10 zpm’s, 7 of which are needed to power the drive meaning he could remove 3 of them to power the shield, there is only one problem he has no idea how to control Atlantis or were it is going. Meanwhile Todd and Spencer alliance has broken up in many separate groups some of which are actively hunted down by Death. Aboard a second smaller mothership the captured crew of the Terra along with the captured Travellers and Gate Room personal get hauled into a room containing several other groups of humans they are then divided by the Wraith’s and rewarded to different parts of the Alliance as if they are cattle. Eventually Atlantis drops out of hyperspace in an unknown galaxy (Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy) and they land on a new planet and now thinking that Sheppard and their team is death as they knew they were on a shuttle nearby the Terra when it exploded. Colonel Sanders puts Mr. Cresswell in command temporarily in exchange to be allowed to lead a new AE1 consisting of himself, Lorne, Zelenka and Carson. They have a memorial service for those who have died or those who have been captured.

08 Assassination (3 of 4)

We see the old AE1 inside a cloaked shuttle barly dodging the explosion they become death in the water unable to help the battle they see the Travellers loose and the Vanir retreat and eventually they see Atlantis leave and the entire fleet of Death soon after, leaving behind only some Oberians. Once they are gone McKay deactivates the cloak allowing him to reroute power to the engines and landing it on the planet. He then starts repairs on the shuttle while Ronan and Sheppard go looking for the planet’s native Stargate which according to McKay should be nearby. They find it and dial one of the coalition planets and find out that Atlantis has disappeared from the Pegasus Galaxy while the Vanir and others went into hiding and the alliance of Todd and Spencer is on the run from Death’s onslaught. After surviving for five weeks on the planet and with the help of the coalition reappearing the shuttle they head through the Stargate to a world currently under attack by the pale mothership they decided to sneak aboard when darts are send out which they do, the then disguise themselves as drones and look for captured people finding out that the mothership is the only ship without captives they then sneak their way to the queen’s room and Ronan shoots the queen from a distance without permission forcing the three of them to fight their way out of the mothership they barely escape and manage to cripple the mothership with C4 as well.

09 Resistance (4 of 4)

Back on another mothership the Reviewer breaks out of his cell with a device he kept in his sleeve for just such an occasion, he then free’s more and more prisoner and they start to use guerrilla tactics to take over the relatively small ship. They then free one of the Vanir who was also taken captive and tortured to find out the hide outs of his brethren he helps them scan a nearby ship and they launch update darts to beam out the prisoners before blowing up the other ship. They slowly start to form a resistance against queen Death, using guerrilla tactics to free prisoners and either take over ships or defeat and destroy ships. Due to their guerrilla like tactics they inflict a lot of damage to Death who can’t get a hold of them since they are continuously on the move eventually they meet up with what’s left of Todd’s Alliance and we find out that Teyla who is still pretending to be Todd’s queen is still alive. The Reviewer explains their war tactics saying that now that Atlantis is gone and the Terra is destroyed all they can do is wage a guerrilla war of attrition. As the weeks go on their alliance grows and grows and actually becomes a thorn in Death side especially since all those captured do not know where they will strike next since the Reviewer is constantly a few moves ahead of her, almost like he is being guided by a higher power. Then suddenly out of the blue Atlantis returns and we find out that they met up with the Equicc who tracked them down and brought them several ZPM’s that they and the Coalition have recently found, allowing them to come back home with the star drive. Atlantis settles on a new planet and the Reviewer along with several of the Terra crew that they have rescued and some Travellers return to Atlantis and a new team is formed consisting of Lorne, The Reviewer, Zelenka and Shiana of the Travellers.

10 The Replacements

Spencer picks up Sheppard and co and accuses them of killing his queen who they find out was killed right before the attack on Atlantis. While getting tortured by them a group of ships attack Spencer ship disabling it and beaming Sheppard team out before destroying the ship, however several darts escape but the Reviewer tells the men to let them go so they can spread the fear of their victory back to Death. The Reviewer is ecstatic to find them alive and tells him the people of Atlantis would be pleased which surprises them since they heard that Atlantis exploded when attempting to go into hyper drive a rumour kept preciously intact by the Reviewer, knowing that if it should become common knowledge that Atlantis is still in one piece it would just cause Death to launce another attack on it. The return to Atlantis and they found out that they have been replaced by a new team a team that is not just going to step aside for them since it is easier if they remain Death as both the three of them and Teyla are assumed deceased by Death, she obviously doesn’t know that Teyla is her last remaining enemy Queen, all others having already been killed or humbled by her since she doesn’t allow any equal. The team is given new disguise and Sheppard and Ronan pretend to be Travellers working against Death. While McKay starts assisting their remaining Vanir ally in creating a new virus that attacks and kills all unenhanced wraiths.

11 Singularity Desires (1 of 4)

McKay takes their Vanir guest to Janus storehouse who eagerly starts reading over his ancient (get it) scribbles. McKay then bumps into a device that causes a space time singularity which creates strange hyjinx all over the city and it eventually surrounds the enterprise in a dome which cuts it off from the rest of spacetime. With a lot of difficult the Vanir and McKay manage to turn the device off. The Vanir then lets him know he found mention of a device that is capable to dial all stargates in the Pegasus Galaxy simultaneously just like the Dakara super weapons, however there is one small problem the device is not on this Atlantis but on the old one which is on the replicator planet.

12 The End of Death (2 of 4)

The Vanir return for their comrade and they have perfected an artificial retro virus that either kills wraith or permanently turns them into beings who can no longer feed on humans. This virus also stops their other attributes like longevity and enhanced healing. Now that they learned of the universal stargate dialler from their fellow member they head for the replicator planet to find it. Luckily their former guest Lofne sent them a copy of the retro virus telling them to warn their wraith friends. However Atlantis has no ships to go there right now and the reviewer isn’t due to check in, in two days. Luckily McKay manages to contact Ronan and Sheppard who he then must help convince the Travellers to lend them one of their last remaining ships in order to go there. They also send a message to the replicators warning them of the Vanir. As the Replicators prepare for the arrival of the Vanir a fleet of Wraith ships drop out of hyperspace it is Death her fleet bent on destroying the replicator world which she now sees as her biggest threat now that Atlantis is gone. As she scans the surface she is surprised to learn that there is an Atlantis there, making her summon more ships. As she starts attacking the planet the small armada of Vanir ships arrive and they start fighting. Meanwhile Sheppard, Ronan, Shiana and McKay are still underway towards the Replicator planet. The replicators meanwhile are fighting of hordes of darts while trying to complete the repairs to the original Atlantis. Sheppard and Co then arrive on the battlefield and see that the Vanir are losing prompting them to help them out however they are still outnumbered and they are losing shield strength when the Reviewer arrives with a huge fleet of ships including Traveller, Vanir, Equicc and Re-purposed Hexpedan they now outnumber Death’s fleet and seem to be turning the tide however some few minutes later another part of Death’s armada arrive and the tide is turning against them again, just when they are about to lose the replicator restored old Atlantis rises up from the surface and help them out destroying multiple wraith ships include one allied one. However another part of Death’s armada arrives pushing them back again luckily more coalition of planets re-purposed Hexpedan ships arrive and engage them but most are piloted by people unskilled in them and many of them are destroyed. Meanwhile the old Atlantis is being pushed back then when two more waves of wraith ships arrive all seems lost but luckily somehow the New Atlantis has also arrived and one of the waves of wraiths turn out to be allied and they give the two Atlantisen the chance to fire on the mothership destroying it and Death with it.

13 Extinction Pt.1 (3 of 4)

Death’s mothership has been destroyed but not before several darts were launched from it however they cannot be chased as the battle is still ongoing and two more waves of Death’s armada have arrived. As they again seem to lose a final fleet of ships arrive this time it is the Phoenix the firs BC-305 along with many F-303’s and a fleet of cargo ships these turn the tide and let them win the day. However now the Vanir raise weapons to the Old Atlantis demanding the stargate dialler, luckily the reviewer can talk them down from being rash and tells those in charge to meet on the old Atlantis which they do. They then learn that a cargo ship went to Atlantis to give them five more ZPM’s that recently have been found in an old Ancient outpost by SG1. This cargo ship went on to alert the rest of the cargo fleet and they set course for the replicator planet hoping they were not too late. The Vanir demand the device being bent on an end to the wraith, Todd objects saying the retro virus they have devolved still needs to be tested. The reviewer manages to calm the Vanir down saying they will do a life test of the virus upon one of the crippled enemy wraith ships , which they do. It is successful so the search the old Atlantis and the Vanir having had enough of the waiting activate the device which indeed dials all the stargates in the galaxy, however there is still one problem how can they spread the retro virus and will the retro virus spread quickly around a planet and its immediate area not to mention does it have any effect on humans. McKay and Lofne examine the retro virus and find out that it should be safe for humans and also for the Equicc. The Reviewer meanwhile has come up with a plan to lure enemy wraith ships to stargates. He explains his plan to the allies saying his alliance has tracked many wraith ships and knows how to lure them to stargate planets however there is one problem they need about 120 small hyperspace ships in order to get most of them near stargates and even all the remaining vanir ships, cargo ships, hexpedan ships and Equicc ships are 84 total meaning for maximum yield they are 36 ships sort (the allied wraith who have over 150 ships obviously cannot participate with them). Luckily the Equicc have a disused fleet of 200 ships which might help them bring this plan in fruition if only they can be brought up and running they then gate to their planet with a technical team and manage to 28 ships up and running which satisfy the Vanir who have finished designing virus shooting canisters that can pierce through wraith shielding and directly affect the ships it is targeted to. They put the plan in action and one ship currently performing a culling is quickly incapacitated by the virus and destroyed by a simple cargo ship.

14 Extinction Pt.2 (4 of 4)

The plan against the wraith continues as more and more enemy wraith ships get neutralized, however one of the queens under Death has pulled together all of the remainder of Death’s Armada to stop the Vanir from spreading the virus, knowing that numbers might overwhelm however when they arrive on Atlantis location they find a fleet of other Wraith ships under command of Todd who along with all of his people have been inoculated against the virus. The evil ships get wiped out. Each of AE1 have volunteered for one of the most difficult lure jobs which all of them barely succeed in doing. Eventually we see the new Atlantis go to the planet they left at the end of season 5 while the old one goes back to the planet the new one was on. Meanwhile the months go by as those wraiths that do not either submit to Todd’s leadership and the new status quo either get disabled or disabled and destroyed. The Wraith are now officially defeated and the Vanir have returned to researching their own mortality and regressive cloning possibilities. Some have even gone to the Milky Way to assist SG1 with examining the new outpost they found and to examine all the other ones in the Milky Way. They even go to the planet of Heliopolis. All remaining Wraith either agree on gene therapy or on fully using the feeders mark I and mark II some even allow their drones to advance and join the enhanced drones alliance. Who now have constructed ships to hunt down those wraiths still intent on keeping to the old ways of feeding on humans. Eventually the old wraith that feed on humans are declared extinct. But are they really?

15 Stranger

Atlantis 1 (the old one) is contacted by mysterious race of people who would like to thank them in their efforts for defeating the wraiths, they go there and have an exquisite banquet. After this more and more request come in from planets for a meeting with AE1 or for a tour of stargate. Then suddenly as mysterious glowing women steps through the stargate and asks for a tour of Atlantis after the tour she asks if they would enjoy a breakfast, as she says this she starts glowing. And Sheppard remembers the message his future self gave him back in season 6 and he tells Teyla who is finally back to being herself this and she agrees they should be weary of her. As they arrive on her planet they find themselves continuously pressed for their names and eventually their host changes and they get captured and eventually tortured for their names, then McKay gives and becomes their willing servant. Which gives Sheppard an idea they lie and pretend to be following them just like McKay is eventually they dial back to Atlantis and they take over the Gate room as the leader of the glowing alien steps to the stargate however Sheppard shoots him while Ronan stuns McKay they quickly force the glowing aliens to return to their planet and they change shape and tell them that the past month was all but illusionary tests nobody actually invited them for banquet furthermore not a month has gone by only 4 days. They then vow to return and take over Atlantis.

16 Young Ones AE1 is examining a former wraith planet to find out if there are any surviving wraith, since it has now been determined that the retro virus has a 95 % kill rate and a 4.5 % change rate but regretfully a 0,5 % feral rate. So they are looking for changed survivors and dangerous feral wraith. As they examine a ship they find they many slaughtered wraith both changed and feral ones it looks like the feral and changed wraith got ambushed while they were fighting each other. As they prepare to gate back to Atlantis 1 McKay spots a young girl running away from them, he chases her followed by Sheppard who initially tells him there is nobody then. They then get lured into a trap and are surrounded by kids who asks them if they are wraith followers. They answer they are not and that the wraith are gone for the most part. They answer they know this since otherwise they wouldn’t have come out of stasis. They beckon them to follow them and take them to a huge underground facility full of children that are cryogenically frozen they tell them they were frozen a long time ago to wait for a time when the wraith population would be no more a treat to them. They also tell them that their parents lay frozen in the lower levels which they say they can’t access. They lure them down a stairwell and start attacking them Ronan however fights them off while Teyla and Sheppard are reluctant to attack them and Rodney gets beaten with sticks. Then one of the wraith human stun devices rolls down stunning them and the children. They wake up aboard Todd’s ship. Who tells them that the children are part of a race known as the Asari, they are shape shifters that prefer to take the shape of human children and pray on them and their parents stealing food and technology and that the pods they saw contained a long dead group of humans and the one’s they met were just copies of those in the pods. He also assures them they are a minor nuisance and Sheppard ask him how many more hidden alien species there are they should worry about and Todd actually jokes saying about forty. He however takes him seriously and he tells him he is joking and that there are only about 10 sapient races in the Pegasus galaxy as far as he knows: the Humans, the Wraith, the Vanir, the Hexpedan, the Equicc, ???, the Asari, ????, the Nerev and the Estronim whom are also called the glowing people.

17 News from Destiny

A ship has appeared out of hyperspace it is the second BC-304 called the Olympus on board is an envoy from earth interested in the City of Atlantis itself, the defeat of the Wraith and obviously the Alteran storage facilities. The moment they hail Atlantis the operator makes the mistake of announcing the arrival of the Terra which was destroyed, this cause the reviewer to lightly slap him in the face as he is asked why he did that he tells them that the Terra was his ships since he had helped design and build it and that he had included 16 secret passageways within it from which he only ever got to try 8 before it was destroyed. He then angrily retreats to his study when a man from homeworld command with four of his (the reviewers) underlings in to visit him, they man tells him the news of Dr. Amanda Perry’s death, telling him she was killed over 2 years ago while aboard the destiny, he calmly ask for details about the how and when slowly losing his patience, he zones out the moment he is told that Simeon escaped through the stargate he pushed the man from homeworld command to the wall demanding to know if they found him and he tells him that Rush killed he sighs and tells him to go, however the man from homeworld command is about to ask him something else at this moment the reviewer snaps and throws the man out of his study barely making him fall over the balustrade, the reviewers people stop this from happening. One of his people tries to say something to comfort him but he has already gone into berserk grieving mode and he has started to tear apart his entire study (flipping over the table, tearing research paper smashing cabinet he even throws all his one piece shichibukai figures that nobody is allowed to touch on the ground) his freak out intensifies and eventually two soldiers have to grab him so that Jennifer can sedate him. He then wakes up in sickbay and is slow to get his memories back as he remember Dr. Perry death again he throws down a table of instruments startling Dr. Keller who tells him to calm down, whit much difficulty he does he, however storms off past two soldiers stationed outside who chase him but quickly lose him, he is eventually found tearing apart one of the outer docks. Ronan approaches them throwing him a pair of Bantos rods and tells him to following him to the Gym. There he releases much of his fury attacking and defending against Ronan who is impressed by the reviewers tenacity however he grows tires and leaves Ronan thanking him for what he did and saying he has calmed down now and that all that remains in him are sadness and longing. He is later found by Dr. Keller in a dusty nearly unexplored tower. She comforts him and gives him a shoulder to cry and blubber on after he is done recounting stories to her he retreats to his quarters telling her to tell everybody to leave him alone for a couple of days. Two days later he finally comes out of his quarters looking like he just died. He goes to the mess hall were people gape and stare at him, after eating his full he returns to his quarters and showers and then looking like himself again he emerges and tells Colonel Sanders that he is ready for duty who tells him he is no longer in command and that Colonel George Winters of the Transporter has assumed temporary command. Colonel Winters having been instructed to order a full examination and evaluation of Atlantis and its people, including the Reviewer who he has been instructed to bring back to earth in order to have him work on the Lucian Alliance problem now that he has proven himself successful in ending the Wraith threat. He however refuses Winters, he then goes to find his subordinates who he finds pouring over the 42 Alteran storage facility puzzle/problems/riddles along with McKay. He asks them what they are doing, they are telling him they are solving the questions or at least trying to. McKay tells his people that he has solved four of them already the Pegasus, Sagittarius, Leo II and Ursa Major II. The Reviewer laughs saying he solved three already and McKay only solved one on his own and with his and Ronan’s help verified three others based on the work done by Mr. Sweldani. They start bickering.

18 The Fornax and Sculptor Galaxies Picking up where we left off the reviewer laughs and says that he was close to solving another five of them Charlotte one of the Reviewers men ask both of them to prove they have solved one. McKay explains that the answer to the mathematical problem for number 6 the Ursa Major II galaxy has to do with the properties and layers of space. The reviewer then puts up the riddle for number 2 the sculptor galaxy in ancient, he then tells him his translation:

There is a thing that is both colourless and pale blue It comes from tree’s and feeds humans It exist in three parts of 8 that 24 do not make It gives life in the right amount and death in the wrong amount It is hidden yet visible, what is it. McKay starts obsessing of the 8/24 part while Charlotte seems to be on to something but rejects the idea. After five minutes he says their time is up and McKay demands more time, he then tells them that Charlotte probably has figured it out already and he gives them the answer. (). Saying that Charlotte took 2 minutes longer then he did since he figured it out in 5 seconds. He then explains it and says it shows a location in the Sculptor galaxy. They then explain the answers for number 4 Leo II and number 12 the Sagittarius one. And he tells them he has also found out the answers for numbers 8 (fornax) and 10 (antilia). But he won’t share those solutions. Colonel Winters has snuck up behind him and tells him that is alright as long as he knows how to go there and he asks all of him to go with him to the Sculptor and Fornax Galaxies saying that he will probably get permission to stop there on his way to the milky way and earth.

They board the Olympus headed for the Sculptor Galaxy on board everybody tries to make the best of it except the reviewer who is criticizing everything and everyone. Eventually they reach the Sculptor galaxy and take a puddle jumper down since the Reviewer doesn’t like beaming down to a planet. They reach the storage facility which looks completely similar to the one in Pegasus. Sheppard asks them again why they came here since earth already checked it and found it empty. The Reviewer told them they report from SG-40 stated that the facility was emptied which means that unlike the one in Pegasus which was stripped of everything and had two rooms blocked and one blown up this one is still intact so they can at least find out what each room contained. They open the first room on the right and find out it is an armoury based on the empty racks and cabinets. They then open the next room which is huge and once contained an estimated minimum of 200 stargates, however in the back the reviewer sees that there are some left he runs there but after covering half the distance he stops panting heavily. They eventually make it to the back and McKay says that there must have been 500 stargates here not 200 as the Reviewer estimated. They now find five remaining stargates, two of which are unfinished and the top most one has fallen over crushing two apparent trust members underneath it who are still decomposing. The reviewer is angry at SG-40 as he starts walking all the way back to the main hall, once there he immediately orders the opening of the opposite doors hoping that it also contains stargate’s alas all it contains are three unfinished ancient ships and several spare parts, he unleashes a tirade about the carelessness of SG-40 as he check the small room next to it which once contained a 1000 drones but it has now been reduced to 25 however he gets the soldiers there to call for back up to transport the remaining drones. He then opens the third door on the left and finds it contains several different robots including a newer version of the Destiny’s repair robots he then opens the final door on the right which he determines contained 4 interface chairs he then crosses the hall for the third door on the right which contains 25 cabinets which he assumes are transporters which are in disarray. He then opens the final door with Sheppard and McKay catching up to him from the chair room they have to break the door open and when they do they find that it was a room once filled with 250 ZPM’s, however only two are left and one of them seems broken they remove them anyway and give them to the crew of the Olympus who are currently hauling the robots and making photographs and recordings of each room they then open the backroom and again find it completely stripped of the countless different objects and artefacts it undoubtedly held. The reviewer then places the stone from the Pegasus facility on the vault but it doesn’t open they look around the room for a similar one but just like everything else the room once held in it is gone. They leave the facility and continue their journey to the Fornax facility once there they find the doors are sealed unlike the other two facility after two hours with blow torches they open the facility and the reviewer orders the soldier to open all the four doors on either side and lo and behold the weapons room is fully filled so is the drone room opposite of it. The ship room next to it however is fully empty and seems squeaky clean as if it was never used however the Stargate room opposite of it is filled with 475 stargates of which 450 are fully finished the room next to it contains 400 completed transporters, while the tiny room next to it contains the full 250 ZPM’s and the room across from it contains about 180 robots and the tiny room next to it contains the predicted four interface chairs and the backroom contains between the 300 and 700 different objects which is to say this time they hit the jackpot there is only one problem the hold in the Olympus is already 20 full with all that they salvaged from the Sculptor facility so they have to make choices in what to takes and what to leave behind to hopefully be retrieved later, Sheppard goes away to call Colonel George Winters while the Reviewer looks for a stone similar to the one from Pegasus.

Meanwhile Colonel Sanders beams down with all the robots and most of the stuff salvaged from the Sculptor facility saying they can store all of this here in the ship bay. He instructs all of the ships personal to first start transporting all the zpm’s, drones and weapons. He then instruct McKay to start working on a way to move the chairs since they are they’re primary priority. He allows some of the none military personnel aboard to choice 10 items each to take from the backroom as long as none of them are bigger then a single bag. Ronan is seen helping carrying ZPM’s, as McKay gets the first chair loose which cause a cabinet to fall in the back room. Ronan and Sheppard carry the chair out of the facility however the transporter can’t get a lock on it so they have to bring it up with the Puddle Jumper, they slide it in the puddle jumper and stock it with ZPM’s and backroom items also, as McKay finishes getting the second chair lose another cabinet slides away revealing a glass box containing the stone, two soldiers carry the chair outside while Sheppard docks and the chair and other stuff are removed, they go back down to the planet. The Reviewer places the stone upon the vault door and it project an image of the Milky Way. He then sees a soldier leaning against a cabinet with delicate items talking to Charlotte who has difficulty choosing what to bring, as he is about to tell them off he notices the outline off barely visible winding staircase, he shouts to the man to walk five steps sidewards and hold out his arm which he does he then tells him to shine some light above him and they see there is indeed a very clever concealed staircase, he tells them to wait he runs to McKay who just finished removing the third chair he tells McKay to come with him which he reluctantly does they then go up the staircase while Sheppard and Ronan arrive back and tell two other soldiers to bring the second chair to the ship, while entering the building they see two soldiers carrying out the third chair they then go into the backroom to see the reviewers ankles disappear from sight seemingly into the roof they hear the situation and follow finding themselves on the first floor which is a floor full of stasis pods similar like the ones on destiny only more advanced they see the reviewer running towards a ladder on the other side which leads to the second floor they follow him and find him looking disappointed the second floor only contains some spare parts and was used to assemble the stuff downstairs, he slowly walks to the other side to another ladder and is surprised and disappointed to learn that it is nothing more than a galactic observatory, he goes down disappointed, McKay however is impressed but Sheppard tells him to go back downstairs to remove the fourth chair. As Sheppard walks to Ronan who has walked to the front, he asks Ronan what is behind him and the Reviewer notices it is an alcove which he hastily enters pushing Ronan out of the way, he notices it is an archive room with plans and schematics in it however most are in a pretty brittle state, he also notices another save one which he is unable to open. Teyla arrives and tells them that the Colonel is done loading up all the ZPM’s weapons and drones and that the Puddle Jumper is on its way back for the fourth chair and that he plans to leave the moment it is on board so if they want to take more stuff with them they have until the fourth chair is on board. The Reviewer hurries downstairs to arrive just at the moment the fourth chair is being lifted away, he shouts to McKay saying couldn’t you have stalled them. He then orders the soldiers still there to each carefully carry one of the bigger items out of the back room, he tells Ronan and Sheppard to get him the best looking transporter form the transporter room, while he asks the soldier still talking to Charlotte who is still doubting which things to take and to leave to fetch him one of the repair robots he tells Charlotte to take all she can since they will soon be leaving anyways.

As the fourth chair is on board a soldier arrives saying they must hurry up the marine comes back and helps Charlotte with her stuff, the rest of his team follows with full hands and stuffed pockets he also starts stuffing his pocket he then grabs two hands of little things and starts hauling a large microscope object as he comes out side and sets it down and hands the stuff in his hands to a bewildered Teyla he runs back inside to grab another large device he is followed by Sheppard and Ronan who arrive just in time to stop a large cylinder like device from falling on him the haul it out of there with difficulty and the reviewer is about to run back again when they get beamed aboard, he looks around bewildered not having notices he was beamed aboard he then sees the last of his stuff arrives but notices it is not complete however the ships jumps in hyperspace leaving behind four piles of stuff, including one of the things he just put outside, he makes his way to the captain who shouts at him saying he can be glad they obliged him this much and that he is doing what is best for his weary crew which longs for home. As they leave we see a strange alien ship arrive and beam the stuff left behind on board and then disappear. While another cloaked ship is watching.

19 Return

The Olympus returns to earth and the AE1 team gets offered the position of SG-1 since the current SG-1 no longer has any of its funding members (General Jack is in charge of Homeworld Command, Colonel Carter is in charge of the Hammond, Teal’c is in charge of the Jaffa high council and Dr. Jackson is currently leading a huge research team). Sheppard however refuses saying that the new team (Mitchell, Vala, Thoran and Brenda) will grow into the job. Meanwhile the reviewer takes his leave of them along with his team. Slowly as they do their things they start to notice inconsistency like the earth has been taken over by body snatching aliens, eventually they find out that they are not on Earth instead they are on a huge ship in different pods. Ronan and Sheppard escape from their pods and get captured while sneaking around and get told by the leader of the Aliens that the Fornax galaxy is theirs and that all things found there belong to them as he is about to shoot them one of his subordinates arrives saying they should not make them an enemy since the galaxy they are travelling to is literally filled with humans. They then let them go along with the stuff the beamed from the planet saying they will keep their facility safe for them. The Reviewer notices that this time they got lucky since if they hadn’t made the misunderstanding that the milky way universe being littered with humans means that space capable humans litter the milky way they may have never been let go.

20 New Order

This episodes eerily begins the same as the previous one only this time Sheppard gets not offered the SG-1 position instead the hear the news the second Atlantis is waiting for some of the ZPM’s they use two of them to dial the second Atlantis and send over a box of 50 ZPM’s, half of which is to be sent to Atlantis one. The reviewer hears he has been given an position with SG-42 which will allow him to come up with strategies against the Lucian Alliance and the Trust, he informs homeworld command that both it, the stragate program and the atlanits expedition are still infiltrated by it, as there were trust operatives in the sculptor galaxy. Also now that the wraith are defeated both Atlantissen get a full complement of personnel one of the one Atlantis 2 focused on exploring it and examining it and the other on Atlantis 1 focussed on furthering political ties and galactic stability however this means that the assignment for the people working there would be very different. They get a day to decide what they want to do on which Atlantis they want to stay or what else they want to do some of them even get offers. Eventually McKay, Keller and Zelenka choose to stay on Atlantis 2 to study it while Teyla is asked to become an official emissary of the Pegasus Galaxy something she refuses however she decides to stay on Atlantis 1 along with Sheppard. Ronan however wants to help them fight the Lucian Alliance and he therefore goes to meet with Teal’c who makes him commander of a group of humans who are working with the Jaffa to resist the Lucian Alliance. They then all return to spend one last night together in a fancy restaurant during the meal they bring up fond memories and at the end of the night when the restaurant is closing they say there farewell and they each go their own ways as the episode and thereby the series end.

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