Temple of Ra

Milky Way Galaxy




Tribal Leadership

Controlled By

the Abydonians, previously Ra


210 km2 (81,08 sq mi)






40 during the guard on the Stargate


Pyramid and Baronkesh

Founded In

4631 BCE

The Temple of Ra is the primary building on the planet of Abydos.


The Temple of Ra is the name of the giant pyramid of Abydos and the Baronkesh in front of it which holds the Stargate. The pyramid is quite a bit higher then the Great Pyramid in Giza. The pyramid is the biggest and most notable structure upon the planet of Abydos. Inside it, it held the Abydosian Stargate as well as the key to deciphering the walls of the Depository of Ra and a set of Transportation Rings, it was also used as a landing platform for Ra's Cheops Class Warship. Deep inside the pyramid was a hidden chamber which held the Eye of Ra and the Atlantis Tablet.


The Temple of Ra is located in the middle and within walking distance of all of Abydos major locations including the city of Nagada and the Depository of Ra.


Construction of the Pyramid started in 4631 BCE at the moment of the arrival of the first of the Abydonians, most of those who build the pyramid died during it construction the survivors of the build were then killed by Ra in order to pass off the temple as divinely build. The temple was destroyed along with the rest of the planet in 2003 when Anubis blew it up.


The Temple could support a population of 2000 thousand even though it wasn't allowed to the Abydonians to even set foot inside of it all they were allowed to do was make offerings of Naquadah at the base of it.


The Temple was seen by the Abydonians as the place closest to God, it was here that they made their offerings of Naquadah and were they came to worship their god Ra. It was considered the most holy place in existence, trespassing upon it was considered a severe crime by the elders and leaders of Abydos.


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