Sternim Flower

-Semi-Columbine Flower (Plantae, Aquilegia)

World of Origin Unknown possibly Earth
Spread Wei, Simarka and Kyoto
Physical Attributes Spicy Scent, Medicinal, Opiate
Height 12 cm (4,72 inch)
Lifespan 18 Years
Weight 4 grams (0.14 oz)
Evolutionary Time-span 94.000.000 Years
Total Population 560.000.000 (currently)
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The Sternim Flower was a plant first encountered on the planet of Simarka.


The Sternim Flower is a strange very benificial flower originally found on Simarka. It can both be used as an anesthetic and as an opiate to relieve pain and it also has been shown to promote cell generation, helping wounds heals quicker.


The fruit is a follicle, the five points that stick out further than the petals are the calyx (chalis).


They are closely related to plants in the genera Actaea (baneberries) and Aconitum (wolfsbanes/monkshoods),unlike them however instead of producing cardiogenic toxins, its properties are more akin to that of Lavender which hints at the fact that Sternim might be a genetically engineered flower. For what reason and why someone might have engineered is very enigmatic.

Other Uses

It is a highly prized flower on Wei, been used to decorated palaces and make ridiculously expensive dishes with.


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