Shovesh Lizard

Monitor Lizard Reptile (Reptilia, Varanus)

World of Origin Unknown
Spread Nagrebah, Abydos, Hevere
Eye Colour Green
Height 24 cm (9, 44 inch)
Lifespan 150 Years
Weight 124 kg (237,37 lbs)
Length 70 cm (27, 55 inch)
Diet Omnivorous
Evolutionary Time-span possibly 142.000.000 Years
Total Population 40.000 (currently)
Fauna Guide



Lascterin Fly

The Shovesh Lizard was a reptile first encountered on the planet of Abydos.


The Shovesh Lizard is a very cunning and hard to catch creature that is very good a burrowing into both rock and sand. Were it originated is not know, though very similar to a Komodo Dragon it might or it might not have originated on Earth or be descended from an organism that originated on earth.

Initial Contact

After arriving on Abydos, Dr. Daniel Jackson encountered a Mastadge that dragged him to one of the Abydosian Naquadah Mines were they met the Abydonians who then held a feast in their honor and served them among other things a fully cooked Shovesh Lizard.


The Mastadge might have evolved on Earth but they might also have evolved somewhere else their is no clear evidence either way. All that is clear that it didn't evolve on Nagrebah for there are no other species of reptiles there, let alone stand lizards. Then 600 years (in 4031 BCE) after bringing the Abydonians to Abydos, Ra conquered the nomadic planet of Nagrebah and found its inhabitants using the Mastadge as wonderful beast of burden. He then ordered his Elite Golden Guard to load his cargo bays with them in order to transport them to Abydos. He did this not realizing that both the Shovesh Lizard and the Lascterin Fly hitched a ride aboard also. When the Mastadge were released on Abydos they were also released adding to the biodiversity of the planet quite a bit for there was no real life on the planet. Sadly all Shovesh Lizards on Abydos died when Anubis blew it up in 2003. Luckily the Shovesh Lizards survive on both Nagrebah and Hevere. How the Shovush Lizard ever got to Hevere is unknown since they are only found on the continent on the opposite side of the planet's Stargate.

Cultural Uses

The Shovesh Lizard are a rare and special dish on Abydos for both capturing one and cooking one takes a lot of time and carefully attention and planning. They are said to taste a bit like Chiken and their legs are said to be their tastiest parts. Their venom is sometimes used to reduce the pain of severely wounded and ill people, with various degrees of success.


The Shovesh Lizard were a large species of lizard with thick scaly hide and large outstretched legs with sharp claws. It has a horn on its nose and very deep set rotating eyes. Its jaw has two rows of teeth and a slightly forked tongue. They are meat eaters that primarily eat Lascterin Fly but they won't shy away from attacking wounded or weak Mastadge. It has two venomous glands in the back of the neck which it can use to spray paralyzing venom on perceived enemies. They lay deep green yellow colored eggs.


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