Delta Site Two
Location Details
Stargate Address 018 Pegasus007 Norma003 Bootes036 Sextans019 Sculptor037 Leo Minor
Point of Origin -
Address Acquirement Abydos Cartouche
Number of Moons 1 (unknown)
Galaxy Milky Way
Societal Information
Inhabitants Tau'ri
First Visited On 8 May 2011
Tau’ri Interests Exploration, Research, Cultural Exchange, Protection
Amount of Contact Average Contact World
Settled by No one
World Population 1250
Under Control Off the Tau'ri Offworld Base Authority
Previously Under Control Off No One
List of Planets

Delta Site Two is a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy that will be used for the next 18 year to study various dangerous subjects, this planet was chosen because of its proximity to a black hole which means that if something goes wrong withing 30 years it will be ripped apart by tidal forces anyway.

Physical Characteristics

Political Make-up


Other Features

Nearby Celestial Bodies

Flora and Fauna


Delta Site Two
Civilizations Tau'ri
Associated Missions SG-34 Mission 221 (SG-34-221)
People Colonel Plato Gallinofoles
Locations Delta Site BaseDelta Site ObservatoryDelta Site Emergency Hatch

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