Planet of the Orb
Planet of the Orb
Location Details
Stargate Address 002 Virgo027 Auriga001 Crater034 Lynx038 Leo013 Microscopium
Point of Origin -
Address Acquirement Abydos Cartouche
Number of Moons 0
Galaxy Milky Way
Societal Information
Inhabitants A't'trr
First Visited On 10 April 1998
Tau’ri Interests Exploration, Technological Study
Amount of Contact Solitary Contact World
Settled by No one
World Population 846
Under Control Off No one
Previously Under Control Off A't'trr (1998 CE-1.800.000 BCE)
List of Planets

The Planet of the Orb is a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy that was the home of the A't'trr race.

Physical Characteristics

Political Make-up


Other Features

Nearby Celestial Bodies

Flora and Fauna


Planet of the Orb
Race A't'trr
Associated Missions SG-1 Mission 174 (SG-01-174)
Locations Temple of the Orb

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