World of Light and Dark
World of light and dark
Location Details
Stargate Address 025 Cetus001 Crater022 Triangulum023 Aries009 Corona Australis031 Monoceros
Point of Origin -
Address Acquirement Abydos Cartouche
Number of Moons None
Galaxy Milky Way
Societal Information
Inhabitants Meneovians
First Visited On 6 May 1997
Tau’ri Interests Exploration, Shelter, Cultural exchange
Amount of Contact Medium Contact World
Settled by The Goa'uld
World Population 2600+
Under Control Off Meneovians
Previously Under Control Off Selemall (1920 CE - 2500 BCE)
List of Planets

The World of Light and Dark is a planet in the Milky Way Galaxy that was claimed and settled with humans by the Lesser Under Lord Selemall.

Physical Characteristics

Political Make-up


Other Features

Nearby Celestial Bodies

Flora and Fauna


World of Light and Dark
Civilizations Meneovians
Associated Missions SG-1 Mission 18 (SG-01-18)SG-1 Mission 19 (SG-01-19)SG-1 Mission 20 (SG-01-20)SG-1 Mission 185 (SG-01-185)
People TulpoMeloshaUvinaEghartSelindaChronis
Flora and Fauna BullsCowsChickens
Locations Meneovia ••• The Land of the Dark ••• The Land of the Light
Groups UntouchedTouched

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