Lascterin Fly

Fly Insect (Insecta, Diptera)

World of Origin Earth
Spread Nagrebah, Abydos, Hevere
Eye Colour Black
Height 6 mm (0,23 inch)
Lifespan 14 Years
Weight 6 grams (0,013 lbs)
Length 11 cm (4, 33 inch)
Diet Herbivorous
Evolutionary Time-span 248.000.000 Years
Total Population (estimated guess)
Fauna Guide

Shovesh Lizard



The Lascterin Fly was an insect first encountered on the planet of Abydos.


The Lascterin Fly is a very unremarkable fly, that somehow found its way to three different planets even though they appear to have originated on Earth were they have long gone extinct without leaving any records of their existence.

Initial Contact

The Lascterin Flies weren't consciously encountered by SG-0 or later by SG-1 even Dr. Daniel Jackson only made passing notion of them as the primary food source of the Shovesh Lizard. Only by examining his memory was I able to determine their existence and dimensions and went looking for them elsewhere.


The Lascterin fly evolved on Earth and went existence sometime after the Goa'uld had left the planet. They then most likely were brought to Nagrebah from which Ra took the Mastadge and thereby the Lascterin Fly to Abydos. When the Mastadge were released on Abydos they were also released adding to the biodiversity of the planet quite a bit for there was no real life on the planet. Sadly all Lascterin Flies on Abydos died when Anubis blew it up in 2003. Luckily the Lascterin Flies survived on both Nagrebah and Hevere. How the Lascterin ever got to Hevere is unknown since they are only found on the continent on the opposite side of the planet's Stargate.

Cultural Uses

As they are very small completely harmless to men and beast and don't make a sound and generally stay away from inhabited areas, they have never been given any cultural significance or uses.


The Lascterin Fly were a small completely harmless, soundless, long-legged, unremarkable insect that inhabited three different worlds Nagrebah, Abydos, Hevere. It is the primary food source of the Shovesh Lizard, while itself barely eats a shrub leaf a day. It takes four weeks to lay its larvae which then take 6 months to develop into flies. He generally lies its larvea inside the fur of the Mastadge One fly can birth about 100 larvae each time it gives birth.


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