Abydosian Resistance
Political Information
Founded 1995
Headquarters Caves of Kaleemah
Located In Caves of Kaleemah
Person in Charge Skaara
Leadership Youth Leadership
Type of Leadership Revolutionary Force
Codename N/A
Parent Agency N/A
Number of Members 8200+
Annual Budget N/A
Type of Organization Revolutionary Organization
Years Active 1995
Disbanded In 1995
Organizational Information
Government Revolutionary Rule
Capital n/a
Legislature Revolutionary Command
Independence n/a
Primary Language Abydonian
Industry n/a
Currency n/a
List of Groups
Ra's Ceremonial Guards
Chulakian Priests

The Abydosian Resistance were the natives of Abydos whom with the aid of the Tau'ri rebelled against Ra in 1995.


The Abydonian Resistance was a group of initially only Abydonians youths who wanted to overthrow the false god Ra with the help of the Tau'ri team that arrived on the planet. They were later joined by almost the entirety of the population of Abydos.



The Abydonians Resistance was started when Ra attacked the city of Nagada with two Death Glider's killing hundreds for the mere offense of receiving the Tau'ri among them. Then when Dr. Daniel Jackson was forced to kill his remaining team mates, the youth of Abydos under leadership of Skaara helped Dr. Jackson fight Ra's Guards and escape with his fellow team members. They then sought shelter in the Caves of Kaleemah were the spend the night deciding what to do. It was here that Dr. Jackson told them of Ra's plan to send the Nulcear Warhead Colonel Jack O'Neill brought with him back to earth with a deposit of Naquadah in order to blow up the Earth. They then devise a ruse to infiltrate the Temple of Ra by pretending to be offering up a deposit of Naquadah the team + a few Abydonians get into the temple in order to fight him. They find the warhead in front of the Stargate ready to be send to Earth. Meanwhile outside the rest of the Abydonians are about to be run over, when Kasuf arrives with the other Abydonians and turns the tide. Back inside Colonel Jack O'Neill tries to disarm the warhead but it has been tampered with so he instead sends it up to Ra's starship with the Transportation Rings inside the temple. When this happened Ra was about to fire upon the planet to destroy it, instead he and his ship was blown up  Ending his reign and the need for the resistance. 


Civilizations Abydonians
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